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Afraid of low sperm quality during pregnancy? Teach you 5 tricks to make tadpoles more fighting

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Afraid of low sperm quality during pregnancy? Teach you 5 tricks to make tadpoles more fighting

The quality of sperm determines the fertility of men. Only when the number and vitality of sperm can be guaranteed, can they more effectively combine with the egg to form a fertilized egg. If the number and vitality of sperm are relatively low, it will be It greatly reduces the chance of natural conception, thereby affecting male fertility. Therefore, men should pay special attention to all aspects, especially during pregnancy, which is of great help in improving sperm quality. How can I improve sperm quality? 1. Quit smoking and drinking Quitting smoking and drinking will have adverse effects on all aspects of the body, including the quality of sperm, because tobacco contains many harmful substances, and these harmful substances may enter the kidneys with the blood circulation and indirectly affect sperm production. Secretion, heavy drinking will increase the burden on various organs, including the heart, so that the sperm will not have sufficient oxygen and blood supply, and eventually the quality of sperm will decline, so people who have the habit of smoking and drinking should quit smoking in time. liquor. 2. Relax the mood Due to the increase of pressure, as well as various reasons such as family and life, most men are in a state of anxiety and depression, which promotes the imbalance of endocrine, thereby affecting the production of sperm and causing the quality of men's sperm to deteriorate. adverse effects, so men should also relax and learn to adjust their mentality. 3. Active exercise Due to changes in lifestyle and work style, more and more people are in a sub-healthy state due to lack of exercise. Therefore, men should actively participate in various physical exercises, which can not only achieve smoother fluid circulation, but also It can also metabolize faster, making the functions of various organs stronger. 4. Avoid local high temperature Local high temperature is one of the main reasons for the decline of male sperm quality, such as frequent hot springs or saunas, because the testicles are suitable for temperatures slightly lower than body temperature, and only at this temperature can the testicles be better produced. In addition, the activity of sperm is also affected by temperature, so local high temperature should be avoided at ordinary times. 5. Adjusting the diet Men should also pay more attention to their diet. It is recommended to eat more foods rich in zinc and amino acids. These are nutrients necessary for sperm production and development, such as various seafood, which are beneficial to improving sperm quantity and quality. There is some help. Tips: When improving male sperm quality through various methods, it not only improves male fertility, but also indirectly regulates male body, which is of great help in preventing various chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, Generally through life conditioning, physical fitness will be significantly improved. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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