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Staying up all night is cool, staying up all night will only increase the burden on your physical and mental health

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Staying up all night is cool, staying up all night will only increase the burden on your physical and mental health

Staying up late has become the mainstream living state of today's young people, and there is still a saying that "staying up late is refreshing, staying up late is always refreshing". Going to work and studying during the day is tiring enough, but at night, one by one is full of energy, staying up late to watch dramas, play games, browse Taobao, browse social networking sites, and do Douyin... When I was ready to sleep, it was already early morning, and the second I woke up in the morning but was lethargic, and then vowed to go to bed earlier at night and not stay up late, but I couldn't help staying up late at night... This goes on and on and on, isn't this the life state you and I are experiencing. But, did you know? Long-term staying up late and lack of sleep can make people lack energy and become dull, and also affect physical health, which may also induce depression and even lead to emotional illness. According to research data, people who stay up late or have insomnia are five times more likely to develop depression than those without sleep problems. Therefore, for people who are accustomed to going to bed late, if they can go to bed an hour earlier, they can reduce the risk of depression by 23%. Because, sleep deprivation or lack will affect the concentration of certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, and changes in these neurotransmitters are closely related to sleep and cognitive function. And sleep problems (such as insomnia) are often one of the harbingers of depression, and it is an important element or manifestation that accompanies depression. Depression, characterized by persistent sadness, lack of interest, can disrupt sleep and appetite, and is one of the leading causes of disability and suicide. The occurrence of depression and insomnia are complementary. Long-term staying up late or lack of sleep can cause depression and aggravate depression, and depression, in turn, will make it more difficult to fall asleep! Therefore, sleep problems are usually not a single problem, sometimes accompanied by serious Health and disease problems, people should pay attention to sleep quality, pay attention to sleep, do not artificially interfere with sleep, such as staying up late. A study in the United States found that teens who regularly slept 5 hours or less a night had a 71% higher risk of depression and 48% higher risk of suicidal thoughts than those who slept 8 hours a night. Teens who go to bed after 12 midnight are more likely to suffer from depression and thoughts of self-harm. Therefore, maintaining good sleep habits and quality of sleep is the premise of physical and mental health. Teenagers who are in the process of physical and mental growth should not stay up late, but should sleep well, sleep enough, and wake up energetic. In our daily life, we should also develop a good sleep schedule, stay away from electronic products before going to bed, and watch less mobile phones; at the same time, maintaining a good sleeping environment in the bedroom can also promote sleep well; try to avoid irritants before going to bed It can also help us sleep through appropriate exercise, and exercise can also help us strengthen our body. Note that strenuous exercise is not suitable for going to bed.


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