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Often "fart", is the body detoxification? Special reminder: Farting a lot, or related to these points

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Often "fart", is the body detoxification? Special reminder: Farting a lot, or related to these points

When it comes to farting, many people may feel embarrassed or hard to say, but in fact, farting is a very normal physiological phenomenon. From the emperor to the slaves, there is no one who doesn't fart, even babies and vegetative people are no exception. A simple phenomenon of farting actually reflects the health of the human body. Some people think that farting can expel toxins from the body, but there are other views that farting is to remind us that there is a problem in our body, and we should pay attention. So what does farting mean? How does it relate to our health?

First, first of all, we need to know why people fart, is it detoxification?

Many people think that farting is to expel toxins from our body, but it is not. Farting is just exhaust, expelling gas from the body, which is not the same concept as detoxification. In fact, farting is to expel the gas in the intestinal cavity from the body, because our intestines are constantly moving, as long as the peristalsis exists, the phenomenon of farting will exist. The human body produces 500-1500 ml of gas every day, because we consume a lot of carbohydrates every day, and some of these substances enter the intestines because they cannot be effectively digested, and are decomposed and digested by Escherichia coli in the large intestine, but during the decomposition process A lot of gas will be produced, so it will cause an increase in the number of farts. Chewing gum and carbonated beverages may make us fart more often, mainly because when chewing gum and blowing bubbles, a lot of gas is swallowed into the body along with the bubbles, which increases the frequency of farting. Carbonated drinks are because they contain a lot of carbon dioxide gas. Such gas enters the gastrointestinal tract, which can easily lead to an increase in farting. We all know that blood can transport oxygen and carbon dioxide, so sometimes blood will cause some gas to enter the intestinal cavity during the transportation process, resulting in the phenomenon of fart. These gases run down with the constant peristalsis of the intestines and are discharged from the anus. Sometimes, due to the action of the anal sphincter, a sound is produced when the gas is discharged. To sum up, there are three main sources of farts. One is that the gas we swallow when we eat and talk usually enters the intestines through the stomach; the other is the gas that diffuses from the blood into the intestinal cavity; The gas-producing substances are decomposed by Escherichia coli in the intestinal tract to produce gas. Fart is a manifestation of intestinal operation, but because it passes through many parts of our body, its frequency and smell actually reflect the state of the body. What does the change in fart reflect? Let's find out together.

Second, the relationship between farting and health

Some people's farts are smelly, but some have no special smell. What is the main reason for this phenomenon? In fact, normal farts are tasteless, because hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane account for 99% of the gas produced in the intestines, and these gases themselves are odorless, so most farts have no taste at all. If the fart smells bad, you should pay attention to the possibility of gastrointestinal problems. For patients with stomach diseases such as gastritis, because the gastrointestinal mucosa is invaded by bacteria, the cells of the mucosal epithelium are necrotic and fall off, which cannot be obtained in the body. If it is effectively removed, the generated gas will be excreted with the fart. At this time, the fart is smelly. In addition, if the nutrition of the diet is not balanced, it will also stinky fart. If dietary fiber is not supplemented in time after eating high-protein and high-fat foods, it may lead to intestinal flora imbalance, increase the proportion of odor-producing flora, and then lead to fart accompanied by odor. However, if you often fart, you may also suffer from colon diverticulitis. A diverticulum is a bag-like object that forms on the lining of the digestive tract in which the esophagus, stomach, and intestines can grow. Since the intestine is relatively weak, if the stool in the intestine cannot be passed out for a long time, it will also grow into a diverticulum. And because the stool continues to accumulate in the diverticulum, gas will continue to be produced, and these gas will be very smelly when they are excreted. Therefore, if the smelly fart continues for a long time, it is necessary to go to the hospital as soon as possible to find the cause. In addition, if we don't fart for a long time, our body problems are also very serious. If the newborn does not fart, it is necessary to check whether it is anus or whether it is due to anal hypoplasia. If an adult does not fart for a long time, gas may accumulate in the abdomen, causing abdominal distension and other problems, or it may be due to inflammation of the anorectum, which prevents the gas from being excreted. Live and not be able to discharge. Therefore, if you don’t fart for a long time, don’t think it’s a good thing, it may be a gastrointestinal problem, you need to seek medical treatment in time and get treatment as soon as possible. A question that many patients after abdominal surgery often hear from doctors is "have you farted today". So, what does farting have to do with surgery? It turned out to be because patients who have just had abdominal surgery, because of the stimulation of the surgery, the gastrointestinal motility will be inhibited, so that the gas and substances in the intestines will accumulate, which is easy to cause abdominal distension. At this time, the indicator for judging the recovery of intestinal function is to see whether the patient farts. Peritonitis or intestinal paralysis may result if the patient is distended for a long time and does not gas. If the patient farts within 48 hours of abdominal surgery, it is a sign of successful surgery. If the frequency of farting increases, attention should also be paid to it. It may be caused by eating too fast and swallowing a lot of gas, or it may be caused by ingesting a lot of gas-producing food and irritable bowel syndrome. This situation can be alleviated by slowing down the speed of eating and eating more dietary fiber foods to ensure a balanced diet. The above, it is clear that fart is closely related to our physical health. The frequency and smell of fart are corresponding to our physical problems. Therefore, when abnormal fart occurs, we should seek medical treatment in time, find the cause, and treat as soon as possible. . Although farting is a normal physiological phenomenon, but farting is also an unethical action, so how should we reduce the frequency of farting?

Third, how to reduce the frequency of farting

Because farting is the result of intestinal bacteria and a balanced diet, these carbohydrates are intestinal A source of nutrition, you can't reduce carbohydrate intake just because you want to reduce farting. In addition, we cannot hold back farts in order to reduce the frequency of farting, because holding back farts will cause damage to the body. If the accumulation of gas in the body cannot be eliminated in time, it will put pressure on the digestive system and cause pain or flatulence in the abdomen. Therefore, the correct method should be used to reduce the frequency of farting. First of all, pay attention to a balanced diet, and consciously consume dietary fiber foods after eating high-protein and high-fat foods, which can reduce the frequency of farting due to a balanced diet. You should also reduce the intake of high gas-producing foods, such as onions, garlic, leeks, apples, watermelon, cream, ice cream, etc. Cooking methods can also be used to reduce the gas production of food. During the cooking process, the food can be cooked for a longer time, so that the internal sugar can be decomposed, thereby reducing the gas production. If the increase in fart is due to gastrointestinal discomfort, you should take some drugs that promote gastrointestinal digestion, such as metoclopramide, omeprazole, etc., to reduce this phenomenon. In addition, you can also reduce the number of farts by eating less and more meals, because eating less and more meals can avoid the accumulation of food in the intestines for a long time, thereby reducing the amount of food gas production, so as to achieve the effect of reducing farting.

Article summary:

Through the article, we learned that fart is a normal physiological phenomenon, because fart is mainly the gas discharge in the intestines in vitro. Farting can reflect the health of the human body. If the frequency of farting is too much or too little and it is accompanied by a foul smell, it may be that there is a problem with our body. We should seek medical treatment in time, find the cause and then treat it symptomatically. Finally, we have to use the correct method to reduce the number of farts and not hold back. References: [1] How to reduce the frequency of farting [N]. China Consumer News, 2003-02-13. [2] Zhang Guanpo. The relationship between farting and health should be clear [J]. Family Medicine, 2019(12):56 -57 [3] Joseph. The little secret behind the fart [J]. Jiangsu Health Care, 2019(11): 51. [4] Jiao Li. Often smelly farts may cause inflammation [J]. Everyone’s Health, 2013 ( 02):59.

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