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"Old smokers" suddenly quit smoking, will it be harmful to the body? quit smoking properly

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"Old smokers" suddenly quit smoking, will it be harmful to the body? quit smoking properly

Lao Xu has been insomnia for several days. At first, he thought that the weather was too hot. These days, Lao Xu had been sleeping with the air conditioner on all night. It was very cool, but he still couldn't sleep. A few days have passed, and I haven't slept well, and I feel more and more lethargic and lethargic, and I feel shaky when I walk. Forced to work next to each other every day, Lao Xu was also a little puzzled, what was wrong with him, and whether it was time for him to go to the hospital. "What's the matter, Brother Xu, are you fake?" Colleague Xiao Wang jokingly lit a cigarette. Looking at the smoke rising from Xiao Wang's mouth, Lao Xu suddenly became a little irritable. "Can't old smokers quit smoking suddenly? Will it be harmful to the body?" "Old smokers should pay attention! Quitting smoking too much may cause serious trouble!" "You who suddenly quit smoking, do you have any of these problems?" Lao Xu looked at the browsing I fell into deep contemplation... "Maybe, I should smoke another one and stop smoking?" No, let's go to the hospital and see, Lao Xu lit a cigarette and made up his mind.

So, is it true that "quit smoking is bad for you"?

First of all, we need to know that in the early stage of smoking cessation, there may indeed be uncomfortable symptoms such as anxiety, depression, inattention, sleep disturbance, etc., and even some ex-smokers may experience weight gain. Friends don't have to be nervous and afraid, this is a normal withdrawal reaction. Typically, withdrawal symptoms may begin a few hours after smoking cessation and are most intense during the first 14 days of smoking cessation, and then gradually decrease until they disappear. Depending on the smoking age of each person, the duration of the withdrawal reaction is also different. Most withdrawal symptoms may last for about 1 month, but some old smokers have an extremely strong desire to smoke, and the withdrawal symptoms may last for 1 month. years or more. But quitting smoking will not affect your health, and there will be no pathological changes such as endocrine disorders and benign prostatic hyperplasia. On the contrary, a large part of the cause of endocrine disorders is from smoking, and according to the existing evidence, smoking can lead to type 2 diabetes.

So how to quit smoking is science?

There are many old smokers who have quit smoking repeatedly for countless times, and finally failed. Why is this? If there are smokers around you, you can ask them if they have also failed to quit smoking. According to the smoking cessation experience of these smokers, we found that it is difficult to quit smoking successfully by simply relying on personal perseverance, and the success rate is even less than 5%. Older smokers who have been smoking for a very long time may need some nicotine replacements or smoking cessation drugs to help them get through early withdrawal symptoms. Like some friends, they choose to chew gum during the quitting period to pass the withdrawal period. You can also play games, watch movies, watch TV, or listen to music, which can take your attention away from smoking; but no matter what method you take to quit smoking, you must have tenacious willpower, if you can stick to it It's possible to quit smoking. Therefore, even old smokers will benefit a lot from quitting smoking from now on. Of course, smoking cessation has to pay attention to the Basic Law, and blindly quitting smoking is risky. Source | Written by Doctor Miaoshou (reprinting is prohibited without authorization) | Source of pineapple pictures | Toutiao


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