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Mild Depression Self Therapy

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Mild Depression Self Therapy

In today's society, due to the development of science and technology, the competition between merchants is fierce, and the pressure of life we ​​face is gradually increasing. So mental illness is just as important as physical illness. According to statistics, there are about 30 million people with mental illness in China, but the number of people treated is quite small. On the one hand, it is because patients with severe mental illness cannot be cured through treatment and are prone to relapse. On the other hand, people are reluctant to admit that they have a mental illness. In fact, mental illness and physical illness are equally common. Everyone has more or less one or two mental illnesses, so there is no need to pay special attention. Mental illnesses can be recovered very well if they are discovered and treated in time. Mild patients can adjust by themselves. So how to adjust it 1. Regular exercise, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling and other sports can regulate the tension of the human body, improve physical and psychological state, restore physical strength and energy; also stretch the body and mind, help sleep and eliminate pressure. 2. Interpersonal communication is an important method for treating depression. Communication with others is the most effective method, so as not to trap yourself in a small space. Get out and about, take part in some outdoor activities, watch movies, go to concerts, etc. 3. Most depression patients have the habit of sleepiness, and improving sleep is very important for patients. Usually, you should strictly follow the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, keeping 8 hours of sleep a day. If you still want to sleep, you must force yourself to get up. Good sleep is also essential for treating depression. 4. Malnutrition may aggravate depression. It is necessary to develop good eating habits, not picky eaters, and balanced nutrition. Various grains, lean meats, fruits and vegetables, etc. Low-fat, high-protein foods such as fish should also be consumed more. Also avoid alcohol, and avoid large intakes of snacks, sugar, and caffeine. Should be a lot of calories or high and then back to a low state.

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