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Zhang Tianai was shocked by Xu Kaicheng's disorderly sex after drinking! What are the types of men cheating?

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Zhang Tianai was shocked by Xu Kaicheng's disorderly sex after drinking! What are the types of men cheating?

I believe that everyone's Weibo has been smashed in the past two days. First, Zhang Tianai's audio broke out that his former scumbag boyfriend was "indiscriminate after drinking": Then all kinds of scumbags who had been exploded followed suit and became popular: In recent years , All kinds of derailment incidents broke out frequently, no matter it is a public figure with a face, or a diaosi man who is incapable of being motivated, it seems that they can't get rid of the "temptation" of derailment. Why do men cheat? It seems to be an unsolved mystery. What is even more maddening is that the object of cheating is not as good as his current wife or girlfriend. "It's fragrant", "After all, there is no wild flower fragrance in the house"... So do you really have sex after drinking? What kind of mentality does a man have when he cheats? What kind of mentality is driving him? Let's take a look . Drinking too much is not an excuse to have sex after drinking. Although alcohol intake to a certain concentration will make men's sexual arousal more difficult, the process of "snapping" is not so wonderful. As long as they are not so drunk that they are unconscious, men can still get erections after drinking and successfully complete sexual acts. It is undeniable that alcohol inhibits some functions of the central nervous system. Changes in a person's behavior and emotional state. But that doesn't mean the parties don't know what they're doing. In fact, as long as the alcohol doesn't make you sleepy, there is consciousness and you know what to do and what to do. If you really want to control sexual behavior subconsciously, you can control it. If you're really drunk to the point of losing consciousness, you won't be able to do it even with a sip of water. Is "drinking sex" real? The answer is, yes. But this "sex" refers not to sexual desire, but to character. If you understand this "sex" as sexual desire, then the truth is that alcohol does not stimulate sexual desire, on the contrary, it inhibits it and even makes it difficult to get an erection. But if you drink more or less, then alcohol will lighten people's intellectual baggage about sex and make people more open. There is a word called "drinking strong cowardice", what you usually dare not do, you may do after drinking. From this point of view, those men who insist that drinking and having sex with people are not their intentions are lying. In fact, it was a premeditated plan, and I wanted something to happen, so I used wine to commit murder, and in order to avoid responsibility, I also let wine be the culprit. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the term "drinking promiscuity" itself. Alcohol will dull the inhibitory nerves, and make people lose their sense of morality, inhibition, morality, etc. These are all elements of character. So to sum up, it's true that drinking is messing up people's character, and it's true that they reduce libido. But aphrodisiac and uncontrollable sexual behavior are false. So if there are little fairies and the opposite sex going out to drink, you must be careful, you have no idea whether the person around you is a human or a big pig's hoof. Why do men cheat Not as good as his wife or girlfriend, in fact, these kinds of psychology are at fault. 1. Unable to get spiritual communication with the other half Many people cheat because they feel that they cannot get spiritual communication with the other half and feel lonely, so they cheat. In other words, if the feeling of loneliness is not relieved, there will be dissent, and maintaining the relationship still requires attention. 2. Those who are close to Zhu are red and those who are close to ink are black. Some people know that cheating is wrong, but if they have cheating friends, they will have the idea of ​​"following the crowd", and the guilt of cheating will be reduced. Men are prone to this tendency , Female compatriots can pay more attention to their partner's friendship circle. 3. Disharmony in sexual life Some people cheat because they are not satisfied in their sexual life. This is indeed very easy to lead to dissatisfaction of one party. This dissatisfaction is often not a denial of the partnership, but knowing that it will hurt the other half, or Derailed to meet physical needs. 4. Confusion and uneasiness When people are at an age where the stage ends, they will look back on their life in the past ten years. If they have the idea of ​​"is it really okay to continue like this" at this time, this kind of confusion and uneasiness will become a problem. May manifest in the form of cheating. 5. Work hard and travel frequently. If men are tempted to work seriously, have the ability and travel frequently, the possibility of cheating will increase linearly. Men with strong working ability are often more attractive. If they travel frequently for a long time and their partners are in different places, cheating The odds are raised that such people are generally good at covering up their infidelity. 6. Being controlled by hormones, the lower body is driven by some people. Some people are controlled by hormones. The unethical behavior of cheating will make people secrete a lot of adrenaline, which makes people feel excited. There are also studies showing that when the secretion of the posterior pituitary hormone, which can improve human well-being, is insufficient, it is easy to derail people. In this case, it is best to receive relevant treatment or ask for the help of a psychiatrist. Is there really only 0 and countless times of "derailment"? Many people believe that once a person derails, there will be a next time, and some experts have deliberately done research on this. A study was published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior in the United States. Researchers tracked 484 participants in their marriage and relationships and found that people who had cheated in the past were more likely to cheat in the next relationship. 3 to 4 times higher than those who never cheated, and people who knew that their ex-partner cheated on them were twice as likely to cheat on their next partner. In 2010, the paper "The Link Between Dopamine Receptor D4 Gene Variation and Promiscuity" caused an uproar. Scientists conducted anonymous sex surveys on 181 young people, and then asked them to leave DNA samples for comparison. It was found that there is a clear correlation between the DRD4 gene and the degree of infidelity. 7R+ individuals have a higher chance of having multiple sexual partners disorder, and once they cheat, the number of cheating objects will increase. Follow-up research also found that as long as DRD4 carries a variant 7R+, the probability of derailment will be 2 times higher. Among such people, 50% have betrayed their partner, and only 22% of those who do not carry 7R+ have cheated. This may be because people with DRD4-7R+ are more likely to feel the excitement brought by dopamine, which leads them to prefer fresh stimulation. Dopamine will increase the tolerance threshold, so cheating is like taking drugs and becoming addicted. You need to continuously increase the dose to get the same feeling as before. "Cheat gene" meets "dopamine", it can be said to be a hit out of hand. Moreover, it is not only DRD4-7R+ that can be inherited, but also a recessive genetic gene. In the original family, if one parent has an extramarital affair, then the possibility of the child having an extramarital affair is also very high, even if the child once hated the parent's cheating behavior. Although we are resentful of cheating behavior, in reality, many women still choose to forgive cheating men. We can also hear in the recording of the opening incident that after Xu Kaicheng and Zhang Tianai confessed to "drinking and disorderly sex", The two later reconciled, that is, Zhang Tianai also forgave the scumbag's derailment. So the question is, what will you do if you find that the other half is cheating? If the other half cheats, you need to analyze the specific reasons and make a decision: 1. Men who find that women are physically cheating may be incoordination in their sex life. , Men had better check their sexual function, if there are symptoms such as impotence, they should be actively treated. 2. Men who find out that women are spiritually derailed. Men should love women more and meet their material and psychological needs, especially the latter. Men can help them achieve their ideals, and maybe make the other party change their minds. 3. Women find that men are cheating physically. This may also be due to the inconsistency of sexual life. It is more common that women often refuse sex, etc. Many women just turn a blind eye after finding out that the other person is cheating, but they should still pass Communicate to solve problems. 4. Women should strengthen communication when they find that men are spiritually derailed. This situation is more common in some women who are busy with their careers, communicate with their husbands, and have little sex life. It is recommended that no matter how busy they are, they should maintain communication. For example, when traveling on business, every night Hold the call for more than 10 minutes. There are usually only 0 and countless times of cheating. If the other party cheats, it is recommended that you understand what you want and make a careful decision.

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