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Xuzhou Psychology: How to Treat Neurosis?

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Xuzhou Psychology: How to Treat Neurosis?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: In reality, due to the emergence of various factors, some patients suffer from different degrees of neurosis, which causes serious harm to their health and is not conducive to improving their quality of life. Therefore, early treatment is necessary. So, how to treat neurosis? 1. Cognitive therapy This method is to help patients correct some distorted cognition, or change some wrong views, so as to achieve the purpose of curing, improve patients, or eliminate some bad emotions and behaviors, thereby improving the quality of life. 2. In this way, supportive psychotherapy, with the help of some methods such as guidance, persuasion and guidance, encouragement and comfort, etc., patients can get some psychological comfort, let them know that they are not alone, and then they can establish the determination and confidence to overcome the disease. Confidence can then be relieved from an overload of psychological stress, and psychological balance can then be restored. 3. Behavioral therapy This kind of treatment, that is, with the help of conditioned reflex, or learning and exercising, or some appropriate reward and punishment methods, can change some behaviors of patients. It can also change some patients' attitudes and emotional problems. Behavioral therapies currently available for neurosis typically include systemic desensitization and impulse therapy. 4. Biofeedback therapy This method is to carry out in-depth treatment of patients on the basis of behavioral therapy. Generally, some therapeutic instruments are needed for auxiliary treatment, including electromyography biofeedback instruments, electrodermal feedback instruments, etc. When the patient is receiving treatment, it is necessary to record the patient's beliefs and some physiological activities, and use instruments to amplify them, which can then become visible or audible signals of the human body, thereby helping the patient to adjust physiological activities, thereby reducing or eliminating tension. , anxiety and other adverse symptoms.

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