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Xuzhou Depression: What are the manifestations and relief methods of depression?

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Xuzhou Depression: What are the manifestations and relief methods of depression?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: If we suffer from depression, things that hurt ourselves will happen from time to time. Depression is one of the three diseases with the highest mortality rate. Many people are suffering from depression due to stress and other reasons. Patients often cannot control their emotions. So, what are the symptoms of depression? First, the performance of depression 1. There is no passion for anything. This performance is very easy to tell. A sick person loses interest in everything and passion for life. At this time, some people will be isolated from the world. One of the most obvious features of this performance is laziness. There is no reason for this laziness. Therefore, when everyone finds that they have this kind of performance, it means that they are getting closer and closer to depression. 2. Poor sleep Usually, people with depression are very anxious and always think about something messy. In this way, they can not sleep at night, or even insomnia. 3. The way of behavior and way of thinking are different from ordinary people. Depressed people behave and think differently than normal people. The spiritual world of these people is chaotic, and even some people will be unresponsive and taciturn when they are sick. 4. Mood Anxiety Depressed patients generally cannot control their emotions and are very anxious. When you speak, all you show is a tendency to be negative and not optimistic. If you have these symptoms, it means you have depression. 5. No appetite Depressed people lose interest in everything and have no appetite. At this time, there will be two extreme situations, one is overeating, and the other is not wanting to eat anything. How to stay away from depression? 1. Do not always think that you are lonely when participating in activities. In fact, you can try talking to strangers, and others will be happy to be friends with you. You can also participate in more group activities or entertainment activities, which is also a way to make yourself more cheerful. 2. If there is always a hurdle in the mind that cannot be overcome in psychological counseling, you cannot just think about solving it yourself. With the help of psychological counseling, professionals can give good and useful advice and suggestions. 3. Encourage yourself Some people may get lost and blame themselves for not doing well. In fact, they are asking for trouble. Don't be too demanding, you must believe in yourself.

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