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Xuzhou Psychology: How to Cure Depression and Anxiety?

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Xuzhou Psychology: How to Cure Depression and Anxiety?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Nowadays, many modern people live under a lot of pressure and are prone to mental problems. Some seriously ill patients even commit suicide. When you are in depression for a long time, how should you regulate and deal with depression? So how do you cure depression and anxiety? 1. How to cure depression and anxiety? 1. Have good confidence: For patients, if they want to be cured of diseases like depression and anxiety, they need to develop the confidence to overcome the disease. Patients themselves need firm confidence to overcome the disease and understand their concerns. I believe that the world is full of hope and can make people in the world happier. Patients can also be treated through psychological counseling. 2. Seek help from people around you: During the treatment process, patients need to express their doubts to those around them, actively express their thoughts, and get support and care from family and friends, so that they can better face depression and anxiety. Effectively eliminate the cause and alleviate the occurrence of the disease. 3. Scientific control of emotions: patients are prone to paranoid thinking after suffering from depression and anxiety. At this time, timely treatment is required. Patients need to learn to regulate and control their emotions under the guidance of doctors, relax their psychological state, shift their attention, and eliminate distracting thoughts in order to better prevent the occurrence of diseases. 2. The manifestations of depression and anxiety 1. Anxiety: Once an anxiety disorder occurs, it is easy to appear timid and fearful. When doing things, it is always thoughtful, confused and difficult to accept new things. Usually this is caused by a mental state problem. Not well suited to stressful environments. 2. Depression: In the case of depression, patients experience gastrointestinal discomfort, palpitations, chest tightness, and constipation. Severe patients will be depressed, feel hopeless about life, and even have a situation where they can't finish their days.

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