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Depression in Xuzhou: How to self-regulate in patients with mild depression?

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Depression in Xuzhou: How to self-regulate in patients with mild depression?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Nowadays, many people are prone to mild depression due to the increasing pressure of life. If you do not adjust yourself at this time, it is likely to lead to serious consequences. However, because some people do not know how to self-regulate, they cannot play a very good role in relieving symptoms. How do people with mild depression self-regulate? First, most patients with mild depression who actively join the WTO are pessimistic and world-weary, always feel that their efforts are useless, and are unwilling to communicate with others, which will lead to more and more serious illness. Therefore, if you want to relieve your mild depression, the best way is to actively join the WTO and share your inner thoughts with others. Over time, you will gradually become positive and optimistic, so as to achieve a certain adjustment effect. Second, cultivate self-confidence Many patients with mild depression are actually not self-confident, which leads to a series of psychological problems. The first thing to do to improve their mild depression is to develop their own self-confidence. Only in this way can we treat life with a natural state of mind, so as to achieve the effect of adjustment. Third, transfer therapy Transfer therapy belongs to behavioral intervention therapy, which can help people transfer their extremely uncomfortable emotions, thereby preventing the deterioration of the disease and playing a regulating role. Fourth, psychological adjustment method Most patients with mild depression are caused by long-term mental stress, so if patients want to relieve this situation, the first thing they need to do is to adjust their psychology and learn to relax their nerves. You can relax by watching some funny videos or books.

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