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Insurmountable hurdles in life can be reconciled through hypnosis

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Insurmountable hurdles in life can be reconciled through hypnosis

A few years ago, A, who was in his 40s, shared an incident of himself that often made him feel uncomfortable during a visit. He said that his mother, who was very frugal and budget-conscious when she was young, often buys some "dumb and useless" things to stock up in old age, no matter how much reminding or exhorting it is useful. He knew that his mother's cognitive function should be gradually degraded, but he was inexplicably annoyed by looking at these things, and his tone of voice to his mother was not good. He doesn't like himself like this, but he doesn't know how to adjust. Later, my mother passed away, and this matter has been stuck in my heart, and every time I think about it, it is very sad. I asked him if he had ever bought something "dumb and useless" since he was a child? He thought for a while and said that when he was traveling in the second grade of elementary school, he spent the two hundred-yuan bills that his mother put into him and bought an empty shell larger than the palm of his hand (at that time, a takeaway was only five yuan). On the tour bus, the instructor said on the spot that he was stupid and was tricked by businessmen to buy useless things, and reminded other children not to be fooled like him. On the way home, he held the empty shell, and the more he thought about it, the more uncomfortable he became, and he was very worried that he would be blamed by his mother. "The result?" I asked. He said that his mother didn't say anything in particular, but the shell was probably reluctant to lose because it cost a lot of money, and it has been on the desk for more than 30 years. I invited him to practice a hypno-healing conversation from here. I told A, if one day you asked your mother, "Mom, I bought a useless shell with the money you gave me when I was young, why didn't you scold me?" What do you think your mother would say? You try to play her and talk about it, okay? A, who played mother, thought for a moment and said, "You like it a lot, don't you? I remember that you take it with you wherever you go every day, and even put it by the bed when you go to bed. If you find something you like so much, why should I scold you? What about you?" "Mom, do you think I'm stupid?" I tried to throw the question. "Children have their own favorite things. You are still so young, that must be very important to you. Also, who dares to say that my child is stupid?" A replied. "Is that what you wanted to say to yourself, or did your mom actually say that?" I stopped and asked. A said that his mother could really talk like this, and if her body was still strong, she would have touched his head: "Silly child, it's okay..." When he said the word "it's okay", his eyes It was suddenly wet. "You think, why would a thrifty mother repeatedly buy things that she doesn't use in life? What do you think my mother wanted to say at that time?" I asked. "I'm old and my head doesn't follow my orders. I didn't mean it, and I don't know why I'm like this. I feel very sorry for the child, and I'm ashamed..." A said, and then the tears kept falling. He said he knew that mothers were frugal and afraid of being a burden to their children, so this behavior was definitely not intentional. But seeing my mother's behavior degenerates, my inner anxiety doesn't know what to do, so I often talk to my mother in an angry way. Because of this, the guilt in my heart has been lingering. "If the mother knows that this son is distressed and worried about her, he sometimes speaks in a poor and aggressive tone, but because of this, he has had a bad and guilty life in the past few years. Guess, what will your mother say to you?" I asked. At this point, A's face was covered with tears: "Mom will touch my head like when I was a child and tell me, it's okay, I know you are doing it for my mother's sake, so don't feel guilty..." A said these words, Whether or not Mom can hear it, we don't know. But I know that A should be able to feel his mother's love for him again, and also feel his mother's tolerance for him, through the dialogue between A and his inner self. Many hardships in life come from obstacles that cannot be overcome. Some obstacles may not have the opportunity to be solved. What we can do is to try to reconcile with ourselves. Try to let yourself hear and be understood by what you can't say inside. The original text is from Professor Rong Xinqi's Hypnotic Psychology Studio. If you need to reprint, please obtain permission and indicate the source. If you have any questions, you can click on the avatar to send a private message.

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