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What are the psychological problems that people of each age group are prone to?

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What are the psychological problems that people of each age group are prone to?

With the increase of age, the psychological state also continues to change. People of every age group will have various psychological contradictions, which should be dealt with scientifically and actively solved, so as to promote growth and harvest happiness in life. What are the psychological problems that people of each age group are prone to? 1. Infants and young children Infants and young children need to establish a strong attachment relationship with their parents to gain a sense of security and comfort. Infants and toddlers do not get basic needs, no physical contact with parents, and when they grow up, they don't trust anything, and they feel anxious about interpersonal relationships. Therefore, parents should give infants and young children enough comfort and touch; they should not make a fuss or do anything in front of them. 2. During childhood, with age, children's mobility increases, and they begin to have independent requirements, such as trying to eat, dress, and brush their teeth by themselves. Parents should praise what they do, develop a sense of independence, and strengthen willpower. 3. Before the age of 6 in the preschool period, children are full of interest in everything. Parents should guide them correctly and have a certain degree of patience and tolerance. It cannot be blindly suppressed, otherwise it will weaken the innovation ability and make children feel frustrated. 4. Since the school-age children entered primary school, their abilities have improved in many aspects, especially their hands-on ability. Therefore, parents should encourage children to work hard to complete tasks and stimulate their competitiveness; discover more of their bright spots and pay attention to the situation in school. 5. Adolescence When adolescence has a clear understanding and positioning of itself, it will be able to clearly define the direction that suits itself. At this stage, you should observe and think more, focus on participating in group activities, try to understand yourself, and find your own strengths and strengths. 6. In adulthood, if you are unable to grasp the proper balance between yourself and others in your adulthood, it is easy to feel loneliness. Therefore, the relationship with family members, friends and colleagues should be well handled, and efforts should be made to expand the circle of friends; husbands and wives should respect each other and jointly create a harmonious family environment. 7. Middle-aged period In middle-aged period, both career and family have been stabilized, but many people focus their energy and time on work, which is easy to be complained by family members and physically and mentally exhausted over time. At this stage, work and rest should be arranged, and more time should be spared to accompany family members and children. 8. Old age is prone to negative emotions in old age, often anxious and disappointed because of certain things, and fear of death. At this stage, you should communicate and communicate with your family members, do more within your power, and view aging and death in a correct way. People of every age group have a variety of psychological problems, so they should be actively dealt with. In daily life, you should communicate or talk to relatives and friends more, and you can't keep everything in your heart; make more like-minded friends, so that you can maintain a happy mood. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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