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Kidney cancer on the rise? These 6 high-risk groups should be alert to kidney cancer

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Kidney cancer on the rise? These 6 high-risk groups should be alert to kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is a malignant tumor disease. In recent years, the incidence of kidney cancer has been increasing. So far, there is no unified opinion in the medical community about the cause of kidney cancer. However, some people have a higher probability of developing kidney cancer than ordinary people, especially the following types of people, who are more likely to suffer from kidney cancer, and must pay attention to prevention in peacetime. So who is more likely to get kidney cancer? 1. People with a family history of kidney cancer are divided into sporadic and familial hereditary ones. Familial hereditary kidney cancer is the case of kidney cancer in the family, and the probability of children suffering from this disease is higher than that of ordinary people. . Generally speaking, the age of onset of kidney cancer that is inherited in families is relatively early, most of which are around 20 to 30 years old. 2. Long-term smokers Long-term smoking has a greater impact on the body, because there are more harmful substances in the cigarette, and if the smoking time is too long, a large amount of toxic substances will enter the body and affect the health of the body. There is N-nitrosamine in cigarettes, which can induce kidney cancer, so long-term smokers have at least a 30% higher risk of kidney cancer than non-smokers. 3. People who are overly obese People who are overweight and have accumulated a lot of fat in their bodies may cause kidney cancer. Because the accumulation of a large amount of fat will affect the function of the kidneys, according to relevant studies, it is found that the risk of kidney cancer increases by 24% to 34% for every 5 kg per cubic centimeter of body mass index increase. 4. People with high blood pressure Patients with high blood pressure problems are at least twice as likely to develop kidney cancer than normal healthy people. After relevant research data, it was found that high blood pressure will directly affect the spread and development of kidney cancer. For patients with high blood pressure, controlling high blood pressure can delay the spread of cancer cells. 5. People in the chemical industry According to relevant reports, some people in the chemical industry, such as those who have been in contact with metals for a long time, or those who have been in contact with printing workers, coke workers, and petrochemical products, have a higher probability of developing kidney cancer than The average person is taller, and it is also relatively common for workers who have been exposed to radioactive substances for a long time to develop kidney cancer. 6. People with unhealthy diets for a long time Many people now have unhealthy eating habits, such as picky eaters, partial eclipses, or they like to eat too much junk food, especially eating too much animal protein and high-fat food, which may cause kidney disease cancer. If the above groups of people want to reduce the probability of developing kidney cancer, they should adjust their bad eating habits, especially quit smoking and drinking, and use antihypertensive drugs reasonably if they have high blood pressure, so as to control the high blood pressure within a reasonable range. In addition, annual health check-ups are required. If early kidney cancer is discovered through health check-ups, surgery can be used to achieve clinical cure. If there is a familial tendency, genetic testing should be carried out, so as to prevent it from happening. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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