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5 signs that your diabetes is getting worse

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5 signs that your diabetes is getting worse

As one of the chronic diseases with the largest population base in the world, diabetes has always been the focus and difficulty of medical chronic management. If the daily management is not in place, it is easy to have high blood sugar, which can easily lead to aggravation of the disease and even induce complications. So what are the red flags that suggest an exacerbation of diabetes? 1. Dizziness and vision loss We all know that diabetes is a syndrome, and its complications are often more serious than diabetes itself. If a diabetic suffers from dizziness and vision loss, it means that diabetes has affected the neurovascular system. The head is the center of the human body and the highest command for controlling sensation and movement. The blood supply to the brain is actually the internal carotid artery. If diabetes aggravates, the internal carotid artery plaque will form, local stenosis, and the blood flow to the brain and eyes will be greatly increased. Reduced, dizziness, dizziness and blurred vision. Among them, blurred vision is a complication that occurs in many patients with severe diabetes. 2. Heel tingling and varicose veins in both lower extremities Many people have heard of the diabetic foot, but they are not sure why. The so-called diabetic foot refers to the progress of diabetes to a certain stage, leading to deep vein thrombosis in the lower extremities, or abnormal function of the venous communicating branch valves, which leads to blood supply disorders in the lower extremities and varicose veins. Local muscle ischemia, heel tingling or soreness. At the same time, local ulcers occur and are difficult to heal. Once the diabetic foot is found, it means that the diabetes has progressed to a more serious level. Many diabetic feet have to choose amputation because they are difficult to heal and difficult to control. Once diabetic foot is found, blood sugar should be actively controlled, preferably insulin injection. 3. Abnormal urination, sore waist. As one of the target organs of diabetes damage, the kidneys are often much more serious, and the final outcome of the progression is uremia. Diabetic nephropathy, there will be increased urine sugar, and the urine foam will become more and cannot be dissipated for a long time. When diabetes aggravates, renal artery stenosis, renal function damage, proteinuria, increased creatinine, and finally uremia, manifested as fatigue, oliguria, waist pain, dark complexion, severe anemia, etc. 4. Ketoacidosis Ketoacidosis is a serious complication of diabetes. When diabetes develops to a very serious level, because the sugar in the body cannot be used, it will be replaced by burning fat in the body, which will lead to the production of a large number of ketone bodies, resulting in ketoacidosis, and the patient will show fatigue and nausea. , drowsiness, and even coma. In addition, a very obvious characteristic of people with ketoacidosis is the obvious smell of rotten apples in the breath. 5. Hyperosmolar diabetic coma is a serious consequence of the development of diabetes to the final serious metabolic disorder. Hyperosmotic diabetic coma is caused by severe insulin deficiency, a sharp increase in blood sugar levels in the body, hyperosmolar dehydration, and then severe coma and mental changes. Hyperosmolar diabetic coma usually occurs in middle-aged and elderly patients with severe diabetes. Tips: When diabetes is aggravated, there are various manifestations. The above five are the more common ones. For most people, it may be easier to ignore diabetes. I think that many people with diabetes are very common, and it is no big deal. Therefore, when When there are some problems in the body, it is easy to ignore. However, when there are several complications mentioned above, attention should be paid to it. After all, the prognosis of complications caused by diabetes is not very good, and the damage to the human body is still relatively large. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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