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Beware of kids getting bored of school! 4 signs, parents should detect early and guide early

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Beware of kids getting bored of school! 4 signs, parents should detect early and guide early

Learning boredom refers to the feeling of disgust or boredom with learning, and also because of disgust or boredom, you want to avoid it, and you have negative emotions. According to research findings, it is most obvious that children are disgusted with school before the start of school, which will not only affect children's academic performance, but also affect their physical and mental health. Generally, every child will send out a distress signal before getting tired of school. If parents can find out in time and help their children take measures, they can let their children pass the school days safely. What are the signs of a child being bored? 1. Homework procrastination and homework resistance Homework is an indispensable task for children in learning, and it is also a way of reviewing. If the child begins to resist the content other than learning, especially the homework resistance, it means that the child starts to resist learning. A boredom. 2. Lies often lie in order to avoid learning, weave lies, and make parents believe that the learning task has been completed. 3. Tired of reading and reading will make children feel frustrated and will reduce their confidence in learning. Children who start to feel tired of learning will feel bored when they see a book or mention learning and do not want to read. 4. Emotional instability Everyone is prone to anger and emotional instability when faced with things that they are not good at or do not want to do. Children will be restless and emotionally unstable when facing reading and going to school. Most of them are disgusted with learning. related. What should parents do when their children are bored? 1. Stop evaluating the child. Do not evaluate any behavior of the child, and don't over-correct, or even give any advice. Slowly follow the child's meaning and let the emotions stabilize first. 2. Stop various interest classes Various extracurricular interest classes will make children feel tired of learning. If you find that your child is tired of learning, you should stop various extracurricular interest classes in time and give your children more time to play freely. 3. Only do basic questions. Some difficult questions or questions beyond the child's cognitive range are temporarily not practiced for children, and only basic questions can be selected. Doing the basic questions correctly gives the child a sense of achievement, and the parents' timely encouragement and recognition of the child can quickly restore the child's confidence and interest in learning. Don't scold children blindly, especially when they do the wrong questions, scolding children blindly will only make them feel afraid, and will also be tired of learning. Generally speaking, children spend a long time reading in the process of growing up, and it is a common phenomenon to be tired of learning during this period. Once they find that their children are tired of learning, parents should not be nervous and anxious, and take measures to make their children fall in love with reading again. Do not blindly take tough measures. Tough means will make children feel rebellious and disgust with learning, but the gains outweigh the losses, and even children will take extreme measures because of their dislike of learning. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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