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When these 7 changes appear, congratulations on your depression

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When these 7 changes appear, congratulations on your depression

Only when people are sick can they feel the importance of health, and they will look forward to health. Especially for depression, the "difficult black dog", only with firm confidence in a full course of treatment can we overcome it as soon as possible. After taking drug therapy, psychotherapy, physical therapy, etc. for a period of time, are you very distressed, whether the current treatment is effective, and whether the condition is developing in a better direction? Today, Enen Psychology will talk to you about how the body will behave when the depression is developing in a positive direction:

01. The ability to live is significantly improved

After suffering from depression, the ability of all aspects of the body will decline, and it is difficult to get out of bed when physically and mentally exhausted, and even taking care of oneself in daily life becomes very difficult. And if you feel empowered physically and mentally and able to do more and more things independently, congratulations on your depression getting better.

02. Despair and sadness disappear

I no longer feel sad, unhappy, pessimistic and despair every day, but I start to be interested in some things, and also Feel normal mood swings and joy.

03. Changes in Cognitive Thinking

No longer are you always entangled in a problem, and you are no longer always worried about the past and future, but learning Starting from the actual reality, to accept one's own imperfections and those "powerless" things, face one's own heart and learn self-emotional counseling.

04. The symptoms of physical discomfort disappeared

such as nausea, nausea, chest and back pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, dizziness, headache, etc. After the treatment of time, it was obviously relieved or disappeared.

05. Can communicate with people normally

When depression is severe, it will be accompanied by a certain degree of social avoidance, social fear, and even dare not communicate with others communication problems. And when you can communicate with family and friends normally, and you can go out naturally, these all show that you are developing in a good direction.

06. People with severe depression who no longer have extreme thoughts of self-harm and suicide

, under the dual torture of body and mind, will want to pass the thoughts or behaviors of self-mutilation and suicide . But when the depression gets better, these thoughts will naturally disappear! [Follow me, there is a professional mental and psychological scale test on the home page] When people encounter negative events, they will feel emotionally sad and sad, but after self-adjustment, they will soon return to a normal emotional state. This is not depression, just Depressed mood is a normal manifestation and does not require treatment. However, if you have obvious symptoms of depression, such as prolonged emotional sadness, lack of interest in anything, obvious somatic symptoms, dizziness, headache, gastrointestinal discomfort, physical exhaustion, social avoidance, etc., you should seek medical attention in time. Consult a professional doctor and receive professional treatment.

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