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what is a mental disorder

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what is a mental disorder

Psychological disorders refer to various abnormal psychological processes and behaviors that a person has due to physiological, psychological or social reasons, and there is no need to make corresponding judgments in accordance with normal physiological and behavioral methods. A state of incompatibility with group society. When the abnormal degree of mental activity reaches the medical diagnosis standard, it is called mental disorder. Studies have shown that the detection rate of mental disorders in children and adolescents in my country is 12.97%, especially in interpersonal communication, emotional control, and learning and adaptability. However, psychological disorders are more common among people aged 20-40 and people with high work pressure. Foreign studies have shown that 25%-35% of emergency patients visit a doctor because of psychological problems. There are about 40 million Chinese patients with psychological problems in China. The awareness of psychological problems is low, and the rate of medical treatment is also low. So what are the common causes of mental disorders? Psychological factors: After being ill, due to the long-term disease state, patients will have many negative emotions psychologically, and they will be depressed all the time, which is prone to psychological obstacles; for example, most women will suffer from postpartum depression and anxiety associated with sugar disease patients. Symptoms, etc. are all manifestations of mental disorders. Social factors: The quality of the social environment has a great impact on a person. The bad environment in which we live will have a negative impact on our psychology after a long time, making our emotions develop in a negative direction. Such as unemployment, divorce, stress, financial burden, etc. Other factors: such as personal characteristics, some people care too much about something, which makes this type of people extremely vulnerable and more likely to lead to psychological disorders. Although there is not necessarily a rainbow after every rain, there is a sunny day after every rain.

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