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Psychological Disorders - Perception Disorders

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Psychological Disorders - Perception Disorders

What is a perception disorder, in simple terms, if you are talking about something that the other person either doesn't understand, or understands wrongly, it's an obstacle. No matter how many different ways you explain it, they'll think it's wrong. If they don't even want to try to understand, they set up a psychological barrier. This mostly happens when the person you're talking to doesn't really know what you're trying to explain, or tell them, or they don't want to know the truth about something, or when you're trying to help someone, they just look blank at you, Don't care what you tell them. Two states of perceptual impairment are common. 1. Paresthesia refers to the conscious or even strong discomfort or unbearable abnormal feeling in a certain part of the body or a vague area in the absence of external stimuli, or in the presence of external stimuli but small. If this abnormal feeling occurs inside the body and cannot pinpoint the specific part of the discomfort, it is called internal discomfort; if it occurs on the surface of the body and has a specific part, it is called hyperesthesia. Paresthesia can be seen in hypochondriacal concepts, depressive states, schizophrenia, and mental disorders after traumatic brain injury. 2. Anesthesia means that the body organs are intact, but the nature and name of the object cannot be recognized, the whole object cannot be recognized but only the part of the object can be recognized. Sensory deficits do not imply serious impairments in thought processes, and are therefore different from thought disorders. Sensory deficits are more common in brain disorders. Therefore, we should pay attention to adjusting our psychological state at all times to avoid being troubled by psychological obstacles and maintain a healthy body. And give some care and attention to the mentally disabled patients around you.


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