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Why do pimples still appear after puberty? See if you regularly do these 4 things

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Why do pimples still appear after puberty? See if you regularly do these 4 things

Acne is a skin disease that occurs during puberty, but it doesn't mean that pimples won't appear after puberty. The reason why puberty is more prone to acne is because the hormone secretion in the body during puberty is relatively high. In addition, acne may be affected by other factors. Therefore, after puberty, it is still possible to have acne. Small things should also be given special attention. What are the things you do regularly that may cause pimples in adults? 1. Often touch your face with your hands Most people have the habit of touching their faces. For example, they like to put their hands on their cheeks or faces when thinking about problems, and sometimes they involuntarily touch their faces or the corners of their mouths. In fact, these seem to be irrelevant. It is a trivial matter, but it may increase the chance of acne, because the hands are in contact with various items every day, and it is easy to be contaminated with bacteria or germs. If you touch your face without washing your hands, you will be contaminated with bacteria. On the face, it increases the risk of skin inflammation and promotes the occurrence of acne. 2. Frequent and excessive face washing The occurrence of acne has a certain relationship with not paying attention to facial hygiene, but frequent or excessive face washing will also increase the probability of acne, and may even lead to repeated acne, because it will damage The stratum corneum of the skin reduces the ability of the skin to resist bacteria and germs. Usually it is enough to wash your face once or twice a day. Excessive washing will stimulate the secretion of oil and increase the chance of acne. 3. If you do not wipe the sweat in time, it is easy to sweat during exercise or in a high temperature environment for a long time. Whether it is sweating on the face or sweating on the body, if it is not wiped in time, it may lead to The occurrence of acne, because sweat is a weak alkaline substance, will promote the growth of bacteria and promote the occurrence of acne, so wipe or bathe immediately after sweating. 4. Using the same towel for a long time Using the same towel for a long time can easily lead to the growth of a large number of bacteria on the towel. Even if it looks clean to the naked eye after cleaning, in fact, the towel may still hide a lot of dust or mites that are difficult to find with the naked eye. The incidence of acne, so it is necessary to regularly change the towels or thoroughly disinfect the towels. Warm reminder to pay attention to facial hygiene and change towels regularly. Women with makeup habits should do a good job of cleaning at night to avoid damage to the skin due to cosmetic residues. If you have acne, you should avoid using irritating comparisons. Strong facial cleanser, and at the same time avoid picking pimples with your hands to avoid infection. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization


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