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Xuzhou Fear: What is Sleep Fear?

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Xuzhou Fear: What is Sleep Fear?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Sleep is very important to us, and our body is repaired by sleep. If the quality of sleep is poor, it will directly affect our health. But there are too many factors in life that can interfere with our sleep. Many people suffer from sleep phobia, which can be said to have a poor quality of life. So, what is sleep phobia? Sleep phobia is also a common disease. It is a kind of phobia. It is different from insomnia in the general sense. When it is time to go to sleep, a kind of fear arises. Symptoms such as palpitation and dry mouth. In terms of clinical symptoms, patients with sleep phobia are much more painful than those with insomnia, because they cannot use the method of "counting the sheep of the socialist motherland" in the primary stage to put themselves to sleep, and have to seek the help of a psychiatrist. How to self-regulate sleep phobia: Although insomnia is not a serious disease, people with insomnia are severely affected both psychologically and physically. Studies have found that insomnia can cause memory loss and difficulty in concentrating; the body's immune system is weakened, and people feel very tired every day. What's more worrying is that many traffic accidents are caused by drivers who are overtired and inattentive. Some people also develop "sleep phobia" due to chronic insomnia, leading to a vicious cycle. Sleep phobia is a common mental illness. In addition to self-regulation through dietary therapy, a combination of psychotherapy and drug therapy is recommended.

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