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Xuzhou Fear: Reasons for Pregnancy Fears

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Xuzhou Fear: Reasons for Pregnancy Fears

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Having a child is a woman's physiological function, but not all women look forward to it, because it will have an impact on women's psychology and physiology. Some women are afraid of getting pregnant because they are afraid of losing their shape, having a difficult birth, or having a deformed child. This mentality needs to be overcome. 1. Fear that the body will deform. Women love beauty very much and have strong requirements to maintain their figure. However, it is easy to gain weight after pregnancy, so most women are afraid of body deformation, which is one of the important reasons for women's pregnancy phobia. In fact, when women perform proper exercise during pregnancy and adhere to proper skin care during pregnancy, it is easier to restore the original abdominal muscle elasticity and effectively shrink the deformed lower abdomen after childbirth. 2. Fear of giving birth to a deformed child Some women have pregnancy phobia because they are afraid of giving birth to a deformed child. In fact, many deformed babies can be avoided. As long as the expectant mother has no family history of disease, does not wear heavy makeup, usually does not smoke or drink, avoid colds and illnesses, and keep away from radiation and small animals with bacteria, deformed babies will generally not be born. In order to better prevent the chance of an abnormal baby, both husband and wife should quit smoking and drinking for at least half a year before pregnancy. 3. Fear of dystocia Some women have pregnancy phobia because of fear of dystocia or accident during childbirth. As long as you pay more attention to proper, reasonable and scientific nutrition and exercise in moderation during pregnancy, you can greatly reduce the possibility of accidents. Generally speaking, women have a strong appetite during pregnancy and their families are warm and caring. Some pregnant women blindly supplement supplements in addition to big fish and meat, causing the baby to grow too large and difficult to produce. Therefore, don’t blindly eat a lot of nutritious food during pregnancy, you should have a reasonable diet and tonic.

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