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How to treat mild hysteria

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How to treat mild hysteria

Dissociative disorders are medically known as dissociative disorders, formerly known as "hysteria/hysteria". Under normal circumstances, our consciousness, perception, memory, and identity are an organic unity. Dissociation disorder is a complex psycho-physiological disorder process, in which patients involuntarily and intermittently lose part or all of the ability to integrate psycho-physiological functions, and they experience perception, memory, emotion, behavior, self (identity) awareness and the environment. Aspects such as consciousness cannot be unified, the so-called state of separation.

How to treat yourself

1. Raise awareness: Hysterics tend to be female. They are intelligent, lively, and receptive, but psychologically immature, childish, imaginative, and self-centered. While being aware of one's own psychological flaws, understanding is superficial and won't overcome them on their own. Improving cognitive abilities and insight are key corrective measures. 2. More reflection: emotional instability and psychological immaturity often make patients unable to communicate with others normally, encounter psychological contradictions and pressures, induce various physical and mental diseases, and even lead to hysteria. Self-reflection is to restrain emotional instability and cultivate a good personality. Write more diaries, summarize more, and do psychological tests regularly. 3. Exercise more: You can exercise a high degree of control over your body, which can effectively improve your self-confidence and form good psychological qualities such as perseverance and perseverance. A way to effectively develop a healthy personality while relaxing. In fact, the self-treatment of hysteria is very simple, that is, the patient needs to adjust their mentality and get rid of some bad habits.

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