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What does hysteria look like?

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What does hysteria look like?

Dissociative (conversion) disorder is a type of mental illness with dissociative and conversion symptoms mainly caused by obvious mental factors such as major life events, inner conflicts, emotional agitation, suggestion or self-suggestion, and acting on susceptible individuals. Dissociative symptoms, also known as hysterical psychiatric symptoms, refer to patients who partially or completely lose their self-identity recognition and memory of the past, and manifest as reduced range of consciousness, selective amnesia, or mental outbursts. The specific performance of people with hysteria 1. Attractive, emotional with dramatic color. Such people are often good at expressing themselves, and have acting talent, singing, crying, laughing, realistic acting, and having a certain appeal. They often display overly contrived and exaggerated behavior, and even pose to attract attention. 2. Highly suggestive and fanciful. Such people not only have self-suggestion, but also have strong suggestion by others. I like fantasy and lack the stimulation of reality, so I often fantasize to stimulate inner emotional experience. 3. Emotions change easily. These people are emotionally rich, more than enthusiastic, but not stable enough; their emotions are hot, but not deep, so their emotions are fickle, and they are prone to emotional imbalances. Due to the abnormal emotional response, it is easy to make a fuss and lack the inherent mood. Due to unstable emotional control, it often gives the impression of being superficial, without real emotion and posturing. 4. Highly egocentric. Such people like to be noticed and complimented by others. Show ecstasy, otherwise attack others and spare no effort.


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