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How to tell if you really have depression

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How to tell if you really have depression

Among the patients with depression, many people wonder whether their low mood is depression, or whether they are just in a bad mood for a while and they do not have depression at all. Depression and Mood Depression There are three core symptoms of depression: The first point is that you are depressed, you are completely sad, and nothing brings happiness. The second point is that I have no interest in anything, especially the things I was interested in in the past, but I have no interest now. The third point is that my body is very tired, even if I have nothing to do for a day, I am completely powerless. How to distinguish these two situations: The first is serious Cheng Du. The biggest difference between normal depression and depression is to see whether work ability and social ability have been harmed. Generally speaking, if depression is severe or above, the ability to study and work, interpersonal skills, and self-care ability will be severely reduced. A general bad mood will not have any substantial impact. The second is the duration. A low mood that lasts for two weeks is a symptom of depression. Mitigation measures n Once patients with depression, especially those with mild depression, should try to have more contact and interaction with people in their life, not to be alone. n The patient must not be too impatient during the illness, and should not feel anxious about his condition, and at the same time, he needs to adhere to the treatment for a long time in the treatment of the disease. n When the patient continues to work, he might as well break down the tedious work into several small parts, and can do what he can according to the priority of the matter, and should not "play his way" to avoid being disheartened by failing to complete the work. . Patients with mild depression must try to participate in as many activities as possible during the illness, try to do some light physical exercise, watch movies, TV or listen to music. You can participate in social activities of different forms and contents, such as lectures, visits, visits, etc., but not too many.


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