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More than 300 million people in the country have sleep disorders, these methods teach you to enjoy comfortable sleep

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More than 300 million people in the country have sleep disorders, these methods teach you to enjoy comfortable sleep

When patients consult us, they often hear such questions: "What kind of experience is long-term insomnia?" "Will long-term insomnia lead to depression or sudden death?" "How to fall asleep quickly when insomnia?" Insomnia, It has become one of the troubles of modern people's life. And the topic of "more than 300 million people in the country have sleep disorders" has also repeatedly appeared on the hot search, which has resonated with many insomniacs. It's hard to imagine that so many people are facing sleep problems. What is preventing us from enjoying a good night's sleep? Is it the interference of the environment, or the way we open it before bed is wrong, or is there an inherent problem with our emotions? If you want to sleep well, the environment is very important. It is catching up with the hot weather. At night, there are often mosquitoes "buzzing" in my ears. I fell asleep and was woken up again. For people prone to insomnia, a slight disturbance like mosquitoes can easily disrupt a night's sleep. So, to get a good night's sleep, a comfortable and quiet environment is essential. So, let's take a concrete look at what other factors can affect our sleep quality. 1. Nightly intimate quilt Recently, Swedish researchers found that weighted quilt not only significantly improved sleep in some people within a month, but also cured most insomnia patients within a year, and even reduced depression and anxiety. symptom. 2. Temperature is very important when sleeping. Unsuitable temperature will make us wake up early, such as sudden hot flashes in the early morning, which many people have experienced. The "Guidelines for the Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment of Insomnia Disorders in China" proposes that the most suitable temperature is 20-23°C when sleeping. If the temperature is below 20°C, we will curl up and wrap up the quilt because of the cold. This is not only easy to wake up from the cold, but also unconsciously forms a sleeping position with the head covered, which is very detrimental to breathing fresh air. And if the temperature exceeds 23 ℃, metabolism will speed up, sweating will increase, we will often be awakened by heat, and we are prone to fatigue and drowsiness. No more insomnia, stress reduction is the key Most people's insomnia problem is often caused by stress: Research shows that high levels of stress can make it harder to fall asleep and sleep more easily fragmented. Insomnia, in turn, increases our stress, triggering our body's stress response system, leading to a rise in stress hormones that further disrupt sleep. Stress and insomnia thus form a vicious circle. Nowadays, people's life rhythm is getting faster and faster, and their brains are in a tense state almost all the time. They are busy with work, heavy burdens for the old and small, and the pressure of students' study/scientific research... In addition, when faced with pressure, Our body also secretes a lot of adrenaline to force the brain to excite. So, when I think of all the difficulties I have to face during the day, I suddenly feel very awake and sleepless. Sometimes it's not that I don't want to sleep, it's that I really can't sleep. How can I get a good night's sleep? More and more people are suffering from sleep problems. Although it is difficult for us to prevent the occurrence of insomnia, it is not difficult to contend with. Here are some suggestions we provide to you: Find the cause of your insomnia Sometimes, sleep problems actually reflect our physical or psychological problems. Sleep and mental/physiological problems are often interrelated as well. When there are problems such as insomnia, early awakening, and poor sleep quality, we first need to consider whether there are physical or emotional problems that interfere with normal sleep, and we need to deal with these related problems first. Seeking the help of a professional physician is also necessary for patients with severe sleep disorders to take appropriate sleep aids. At the same time, by taking drugs, we can also get the necessary sleep time, so that we can have the energy to improve our sleep status and break the vicious cycle of insufficient sleep. We also hope that everyone will not blindly fear drug treatment, but should objectively evaluate their own medication needs with the help of doctors. Proper medication will give us a great help. If you feel that relying on your own adjustment can not solve the problem of insomnia, it may be time to seek professional help.

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