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For autonomic disorders, is it necessary to take the pulse when seeing a doctor in traditional Chinese medicine?

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For autonomic disorders, is it necessary to take the pulse when seeing a doctor in traditional Chinese medicine?

Hello everyone, did you know that in fact, Chinese medicine does not have to take the pulse when seeing a doctor, especially for diseases such as autonomic disorders. Speaking of traditional Chinese medicine, do you think of an old man with a white beard taking a pulse? In many movies and TV dramas, it is often seen that an old Chinese doctor strokes his beard while taking the patient's pulse. From time to time, he closes his eyes and looks unpredictable. So, in real life, does TCM have to take the pulse? As far as the public knows, Chinese medicine sees a doctor, that is, looking, smelling, asking, and looking. Whenever it is mentioned that Chinese medicine sees a doctor, it is these four ways. Look, that is, face-to-face consultation, mainly to observe the patient's complexion, expression, tongue coating, activity changes, etc.; smell, that is, sound, listen to the sound of speaking, breathing, coughing and other sounds; ask, that is, ask the patient's body Discomfort, understand the symptoms of the patient, work, family, etc.; cut, that is to diagnose the pulse and diagnosis, one is to press the pulse, and the other is to press, press, and touch other parts of the body to understand the changes caused by the disease in the human body. Many people think that among the four diagnostic methods, pulse cutting is the most important, but this is not the case. Measuring the pulse is not the most important. It is the last of the four. In fact, this also shows that the diagnosis of the pulse is not very important. Sometimes, it can even be said that it is not necessary to diagnose the pulse. Diagnosis of the pulse is not absolutely necessary. For the diagnosis of some diseases, it may not be necessary to check the pulse.

What is the pulse?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the formation of the pulse is related to the qi and blood of the human body, as well as the functions of the zang-fu organs in the body. What is the pulse? The heart is connected to the collaterals, and the pulse of the heart discharges blood into the blood vessels, thus forming the pulse, which is all propelled by Qi. Diagnosing the pulse is to judge whether the heart function and the function of the viscera are strong or not through the strength of the pulse. As for autonomic nerve disorders, for autonomic nerve disorders where pulse checking will not play a major role, it is generally difficult to diagnose directly. Autonomic nervous disorder is mostly a special disease caused by long-term bad mood, long-term high pressure environment, long-term work and rest disorder, overwork, drugs, other diseases and other factors. This disease is a non-organic disease. When you feel the pulse, you may feel that the pulse is abnormal, but it is difficult to diagnose whether it is an autonomic disorder through the pulse. When suffering from autonomic nervous system disorder, most of the time patients will feel discomfort in many parts of the body, which may be cardiac, gastrointestinal, head, or systemic. This relatively extensive nervous system disorder is caused by It is difficult to diagnose the problem of organ dysfunction by taking the pulse. Therefore, when seeing an autonomic disorder, sometimes it is not possible to choose to take the pulse. For autonomic disorders, the more important thing is to ask for a diagnosis and check it out. If you have any questions that you don't understand, you can click on my avatar to follow me, and send me a private message, and I will reply one by one after I see it.


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