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After pregnancy, she came again! Psychiatric surgery, we also select patients

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After pregnancy, she came again! Psychiatric surgery, we also select patients

Original article, misappropriation must be investigated schizophrenia is a serious mental illness, which is related to genetic inheritance, mainly frontal and temporal lobe dysfunction, symptoms of delusions and auditory hallucinations, and serious endocrine disorders of the entire brain. Affects brain function, but many people still misunderstand that schizophrenia is a psychological problem, as long as patients are more enlightened. In fact, schizophrenia also needs early detection and early treatment. If it can be effectively treated within 5 years of onset and lasted for more than 1 year, it will have a greater chance of returning to a normal life and re-entering the workplace or school. In the long-term treatment process, we found that nearly 30% of the patients still use drugs with poor effect. Long-term and repeated hospitalization, sufficient and full-course medication, still cannot control the recurrence of the disease, and the brain function also follows the attack. The frequency is getting worse and worse, falling into the quagmire of "severe schizophrenia". At this time, it is necessary to consider improving the overall prognosis and functional level of some critically ill patients through surgical treatment. Xiaomei (female, 25 years old) is a special patient with schizophrenia. She has just been upgraded to a mother this year with a history of 5 years. The family took her to the hospital not long after giving birth, just to complete the surgery as soon as possible. This is not the first time she has sought surgical help. Last year, Xiaomei, who was still pregnant, went to the functional neurology department of our hospital with her husband for treatment. However, because her status as a pregnant woman did not meet the conditions for surgery, she had to go home and wait for delivery. It is understood that Xiaomei had sleep problems 5 years ago. She was in a bad mood during the day and was in a low mood. She was not interested in anything. She always suspected that someone was targeting her, talking about her behind her back, thinking that someone was following her and trying to harm her. , I heard someone talking to her out of thin air, and said something into the air that others could not understand. She was short-tempered and irritable. She often beat and scolded her family. At that time, she went to the mental health center and was diagnosed with "schizophrenia". There was no improvement after zapine, and he was transferred to a provincial hospital for treatment with quetiapine and olanzapine. His condition still did not improve, and he felt that life was meaningless. In 2021, Xiaomei, accompanied by her husband, went to the functional neurology department of Shanghai Dongfang Hospital for treatment. After evaluation by the outpatient doctor, Xiaomei's symptoms basically met the surgical standards, but her status as a pregnant woman prevented her from being admitted to the hospital for preoperative evaluation. In July 2022, Xiaomei, who gave birth to a son, came to our hospital again. This time the outpatient department was admitted to the functional neurology department with "refractory schizophrenia". After 7 days of preoperative physical examination and evaluation, Xiaomei went well this time. Complete surgical treatment. After the operation, Xiaomei's mood became mild, and she was kind to her family. Her original auditory hallucinations, persecution delusions, and irritable impulses disappeared. She could sleep normally at night, eat three meals regularly during the day, and communicated smoothly with doctors during ward rounds and asked questions. Right to the point, when the doctor asked Xiaomei, "What do you think is the benefit of surgery?", Xiaomei replied, "It made me understand that there is still hope in life." Everyone showed a relieved smile for a while, which was probably the surgical treatment. Make sense! Video loading... Up to now, according to the nearly 10,000 patients completed by the functional neurology department of Shanghai Oriental Hospital, 95% of the patients' positive symptoms disappeared immediately after surgery. The cure rate of positive symptoms such as hostility is high, and the symptoms are completely relieved or disappeared; the disappearance rate of negative symptoms after surgery accounts for 85%, and the surgery also has a good effect on depression, apathy, loneliness, withdrawal, fear and fear, and postoperative complications are less than 0.5% , is a very safe minimally invasive technique for psychiatric surgery.

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