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Nanchang Erqi Hospital - Mental Illness Specialist Hospital

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Nanchang Erqi Hospital - Mental Illness Specialist Hospital

Hospital Qualification Nanchang Erqi Hospital was formerly known as: Nanchang Uprising Army People's Hospital, attending the Department of Psychiatry and is a nationally certified second-class specialized hospital. It is the implementation hospital of special action for mental health promotion. The hospital departments include psychiatry, developmental behavioral pediatrics, and psychological counseling. Our hospital is not only a regular hospital of a medical unit under the Nanchang Municipal Health and Health Commission, but also approved and designated by the Nanchang Municipal Health and Health Commission: Mental Health Intervention - Designated Service Center, which provides professional services for patients with mental and psychological diseases. Intervention Center. Treatment plan Our hospital has continuously updated and improved the treatment methods of psychiatry. Our hospital adopts a multi-channel neurological rehabilitation system that integrates psychology, medicine, physics, traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine; Treated as an independent, brand-new individual, one patient, one doctor, and one sick party, the treatment plan is flexible and ingenious. After years of clinical feedback, the effect is good. The sixth-generation comprehensive analysis equipment for brain function introduced by our hospital last year is specialized in comprehensive examination, diagnosis and evaluation of mental and psychological diseases such as insomnia, depression, schizophrenia, etc. Where is the problem, how many problems are there, how big is the problem, and the development trend of the problem. See a doctor clearly. Avoid double checking, over checking, unnecessary checking. Since its establishment, Nanchang Erqi Hospital has never forgotten its original intention, kept its mission in mind, carried forward the Red Cross spirit of "humanity, fraternity and dedication", and shouldered its due social mission.


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