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Nanchang Erqi Hospital: a regular psychiatric hospital

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Nanchang Erqi Hospital: a regular psychiatric hospital

Nanchang Erqi Hospital is a unit directly under the Health Bureau, with a second-level A-level specialist standard. It is a scheduled service center for mental health intervention in Donghu District. Psychiatry: psychological counseling, insomnia, depression, etc.; Pediatrics: ADHD, tics, developmental delay, enuresis, etc. The hospital has a high-level professional medical team, joint diagnosis and treatment of Chinese and Western medicine psychiatrists, and adopts the basic ideas and methods of integrated Chinese and Western medicine to diagnose and treat mental diseases. The innovative summary has formed a green system for the diagnosis and treatment of mental and psychological diseases, helping many patients to return to their families and society. The scale of Nanchang Erqi Hospital represents the overall strength of the hospital. Large hospitals, whether they are nursing staff, attending doctors or medical equipment, are bound to be better than ordinary hospitals or clinics, and the fees are relatively reasonable. The treatment method will be combined with the actual situation of the patient, and the large-scale hospital also represents the maturity of the hospital. Since its establishment, Nanchang Erqi Hospital has never forgotten its original intention, kept its mission in mind, carried forward the Red Cross spirit of "humanity, fraternity, and dedication", shouldered its due social mission, vigorously supported and participated in public health and public welfare undertakings, and formed a brain The Boshi Volunteer Service Team has held a number of health consultation and public welfare activities in the surrounding communities. Bring health to the people. The hospital strictly regulates the charging standards, implements the transparent charging system, the medical cost list system, the medical price publicity system, and the one-day list system for hospitalization expenses. Supervision.

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