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Nanchang Erqi Hospital - Introduction

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Nanchang Erqi Hospital - Introduction

Nanchang Erqi Hospital is a national specialized hospital and a designated non-profit medical insurance unit designated by the state. Nanchang Erqi Hospital has always been committed to the research on scientific prevention and treatment methods and cutting-edge treatment methods for mental illness. Based on the hospital's complete cutting-edge equipment and excellent expert team, it has now built a national first-level hospital integrating scientific research, diagnosis and treatment, and teaching. Facial nerve diagnosis and treatment research center. With the improvement of medical level and service quality, many patients come here. The hospital mainly follows three unique services: 1) Specialist 30-minute consultation system: in our hospital, each patient has at least 30 minutes of consultation time; ask questions directly from experts, listen to experts analyze their conditions, and analyze treatment plans; avoid common The hospital queues for 1 hour, the doctor sees a doctor for 5 minutes, and goes through the motions. (2) Scheduled appointment system for seeing a doctor: Registering to see a doctor in different time periods, patients do not line up, do not wait, and do not delay when they go home on the same day; (3) 90-day curative effect tracking: our hospital has a complete health management system for medical treatment, and experts are timely Track the treatment effect, master the progress and actual effect, optimize the treatment plan, and feel more at ease. The only subsidy is that if you visit our hospital's caring outpatient clinic on Wednesday and Saturday, the hospital directly subsidizes a certain percentage of the difficult patients, such as registration fee, examination fee, treatment fee, filing fee, etc. Let's save money that shouldn't be spent. The only (1) experts in our hospital are all experienced retired experts, such as Director Gao Xicui from the army, Director Wang Rao, and Director Yang Ru, the academic leader, all of whom specialize in insomnia and depression. A veteran expert with over 40 years of experience. (3) The expert group often conducts experience exchange meetings and joint consultations with experts in Beijing to synchronize with Beijing's mature technology and experience;

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