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Why are you anxious? How to relieve anxiety?

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Why are you anxious? How to relieve anxiety?

If asked if you are anxious? Most of the people will probably say, "Yes, I am anxious." Even sometimes, the more anxious we are, the worse our mood will be, and the more chaotic our work and life will be. So have you ever thought about why we are anxious? With the advent of smart phones, we can't do without mobile phones. With the advent of smartphones, listening to music, playing games, shopping, surfing the Internet, taking pictures... Its omnipotence enriches our lives , also makes us more dependent on it. Even more and more people choose to communicate online, but ignore their daily social interactions and become more lonely than before. In the long run, it has seriously affected our psychological state and suffers from anxiety. Living a "double life" Some people work so long and intensely that they are "split", trying to present an image of being "happy with others" while keeping the door behind them To use alcohol and overeating to relieve emotions, it is easy to have anxiety disorders. Worrying about health It is often seen in hospitals that such a group of people suspect that they have a serious problem before the test results come out. For example, a change in bowel habits, a bloated stomach after eating, or weight loss can make you think you may have bowel cancer. One-third of people who are overly concerned about their appearance say that their appearance makes them anxious and that people are becoming more concerned about their appearance. Many people hate themselves because of their "inadequate" external image and become a source of anxiety. Young people are increasingly stressed A survey found that the main symptoms of anxiety disorders start at the age of 22 and peak around the age of 32. People in their 20s and 30s face a double pressure of intimacy and loneliness. How to relieve anxiety symptoms? Take a deep breath. Anxiety may make you feel like you've been running away from something. Take a deep breath and take a break, and you may find the world so peaceful without being vigilant. Proper deep breathing every day can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Balanced Nutrition People with anxiety disorders often have a poor appetite or eat junk food, which can increase anxiety. Try to eat more staple foods, plant protein and other foods to keep your blood sugar level. Getting enough sleep anxiety can make it difficult to fall asleep, while sleep deprivation can worsen anxiety symptoms. If using some sleep tips does not work, please try to communicate with your doctor and use some sleep aids instead of taking them by yourself. The right amount of exercise can help you burn fat and release mood-soothing chemicals in your brain. Do not suppress yourself in life, keep your body and mind happy, laughing can reduce the body's hormones and adrenaline, and improve the body's immunity. Staying in touch with others and not communicating with others is both a symptom and a cause of anxiety, and talking to friends and family can relieve symptoms. Reminder: The harm of anxiety is no less than that of other physical diseases. Everyone should pay attention to it. In terms of preventing anxiety, we need to pay more attention to alleviating our negative emotions and keep a cheerful mood. For relief, you need to seek professional help.


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