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Correct solution to autonomic disorder

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Correct solution to autonomic disorder

Positive solution to autonomic disorder A visitor always feels that he has a serious illness that cannot be cured. He has been to many hospitals for examinations, and all the examination results are almost normal. No matter how the doctor explained that he is fine, he does not believe it, and he feels more and more serious. More and more doubts, some doctors told him that it was anxiety disorder, some said it was hypochondriasis, some said neurosis, some said autonomic disorder, some said somatoform disorder, some said health anxiety disorder, It was very broken, the more and more sick I saw, the more severe the symptoms were, and I felt the end of the world every day. This kind of disease, the most serious clinical term is called hypochondriasis. It used to be called neurosis. Although it is called Fado, it is just one kind of disease. However, some say that hypochondriasis and autonomic nervous system disorders are two types of diseases. They say that hypochondriasis belongs to the category of mental diseases, while autonomic nervous disorder belongs to neurology. This is a division in the past. Those who are described as autonomic disorders by the hospital are basically worried that they have a terminal illness and have symptoms of panic attacks. Among all mental diseases, almost only hypochondriacs have panic attacks. So hypochondriasis, somatoform disorder, somatization disorder, neurosis, autonomic disorder, health anxiety disorder, and anxiety disorder are like toilets, toilets, and toilets. They are the same thing. The core of the solution is to solve the psychological fear of getting sick. As long as the heart is really not afraid, the symptoms will disappear completely.

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