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Is Cardiac Neurosis a Heart Disease? What are its symptoms?

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Is Cardiac Neurosis a Heart Disease? What are its symptoms?

Cardiac neurosis is a functional disease with severe subjective symptoms. Generally, there is no organic disease. Therefore, the treatment is more inclined to drug therapy and psychological therapy as a supplement. Psychotherapy mainly includes psychological counseling, behavior modification, and biofeedback therapy. In addition to their own cardiac symptoms, patients with cardiac neurosis are also more worried about the risk of cardiac diseases, so there are some cognitive errors, and they will subconsciously associate some diseases with themselves. Such patients are often in a state of depression, anxiety or sadness, and are prone to tension and anxiety in the face of pressure in life, and are prone to bad evaluation and judgment of life events. Through psychotherapy, patients can learn to face life positively, flexibly, scientifically and rationally, so as to achieve the purpose of treating cardiac neurosis. Cardiac neurosis is essentially a "heart disease". Although as the saying goes, "heart disease must be treated with heart medicine", and the disease can be completely cured by eliminating the cause, but during the treatment process, medicine can be used to relieve symptoms.

1. Special "heart disease"

Cardiac neurosis with no known cause is a special "heart disease" Disease”, referring to a problem with the autonomic nerves that control the heart, rather than an actual organic disease in the heart. Although there is no disease in the heart, when the disease strikes, it will show symptoms similar to those of heart disease. Common symptoms include palpitations, chest tightness, chest pain, dyspnea, dizziness, etc., but the essential cause is autonomic nervous disorder, so it is often accompanied by central nervous symptoms such as insomnia, early awakening, and dreaminess, as well as digestive system symptoms of indigestion. Young and middle-aged women are the main incidence group and the main symptom of female menopause syndrome. 2. Mental factors are the main incentives. Many people will wonder why there is no disease in the heart, but it will show symptoms? This is because the activity of the heart is regulated by the body's autonomic nervous system. However, under the stimulation of mental factors such as anxiety, tension, fear, and excitement, the autonomic nervous system is prone to regulation disorders. Excessive fatigue, or sudden excessive exercise in people who usually exercise too little, may also be induced. The diagnosis of cardiac neurosis is difficult, and it can only be made after excluding other cardiac organic diseases. Due to the limitation of inspection conditions, some lesions may be missed or misdiagnosed, so doctors will be very cautious when making a diagnosis. Many patients may visit the doctor repeatedly, and the diagnosis can only be made after multiple examinations. 3. How to treat cardiac neurosis with drugs can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of patients with cardiac neurosis, help them fight against bad emotions, and play a sedative, soothing and anti-anxiety role, thereby helping to treat cardiac neurosis. Western medicine is commonly used Drugs include lorazepam tablets, clonazepam tablets, sertraline hydrochloride dispersible tablets, fluoxetine hydrochloride capsules, etc. TCM conditioning is based on the balance of yin and yang of the human body, the balance of qi and blood, and the functions of the viscera. Physicians will conduct a holistic syndrome differentiation and treatment according to the specific symptoms of patients with autonomic disorders, and target the compatibility of medicinal materials for conditioning. The internal organs and the process of correcting the nerves. It is still very advantageous to regulate autonomic disorders through traditional Chinese medicine, the conditioning effect is also good, and it is not easy to repeat after recovery. To sum up, cardiac neurosis is not a real heart disease, but we must face it. Using drugs under the guidance of a doctor can relieve symptoms, but to completely cure it, you need to actively adjust your emotions and change your lifestyle, and find the cause of the disease.

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