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Why are some people more prone to anxiety attacks at night? Doctors explain more about these 5 points

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Why are some people more prone to anxiety attacks at night? Doctors explain more about these 5 points

Xiao Zhang walked into the outpatient clinic dejectedly, and told the psychiatrist about his "weird" experience. The reason why he said it was weird is because Xiao Zhang said that he was fine during the day and could basically complete his normal work, but at night He felt panic, always felt as if someone was going to harm him, his heart beat faster and his breathing was short, and surrounded by this kind of fear several times, he felt as if he was going to end...Xiao Zhang Inexplicably asked the doctor, why do you have such a situation? The doctor finally came to the conclusion that Xiao Zhang suffered from anxiety disorder, and it was a typical panic disorder when he had an acute attack at night. After listening to the doctor's explanation, Xiao Zhang accepted the fact that he had anxiety disorders, but what he didn't understand was whether the onset of anxiety disorders had something to do with the day and night, otherwise why would he only have the onset at night? ? At present, there is no clear evidence to show the connection between the onset of anxiety disorders and day and night, and the reason why some people have a higher frequency of anxiety disorders at night, consider the following three points:

1. Personality

For example, I am introverted, dependent on others, have low psychological quality, and are more sensitive to various stimuli. The environment around you can make you feel insecure at night, which can be the trigger for anxiety attacks.

2. There are psychological shadows or traumas

from some early experiences, such as watching scary movies, listening to scary stories, or being hurt at night, leave it to yourself Under the psychological shadow or trauma, you can live a normal life without typical symptoms during the day, but in the middle of the night, this psychological trauma is amplified, which will aggravate anxiety.

3. Dark effect

During the day, work is heavy and people's energy is occupied by various things, and some emotional or psychological problems will be ignored However, in the evening, people gradually relax. The dark night and the quiet atmosphere will prompt people to think about some things, and it is also easy for people to think wildly in the collision of various thoughts, resulting in aggravation of anxiety symptoms. In response to the aggravation of anxiety disorders at night, the advice given by Enen Psychology is:

1. Get treatment

One thing is certain is that anxiety disorders are a For a mental illness, professional treatment is necessary to resolve the symptoms of anxiety. The recommended treatment methods are: drug therapy or psychotherapy Do something else to distract yourself. For people with panic disorder, don't think about escaping, but accept it in your heart, allow him to exist, and encourage yourself to pass it soon, otherwise the more you resist, the more obvious the discomfort will be!

3. Appropriate exercise

For those who have a lot of thoughts at night and are prone to cranky thinking, it is recommended to exercise properly, which can not only exercise the body to enhance resistance, but also consume excess energy and improve sleep quality. Although anxiety disorder is a manifestation of typical symptoms, due to the different experiences and personalities of each person, there will be obvious differences in specific manifestations. It is easy to make mistakes simply by comparing symptoms, so if you suspect that you have symptoms of anxiety, you can do it first. Preliminary assessment of the scale, of course, you can also directly make an appointment with a doctor for an interview.

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