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Washing is healthier, you know? There are also 3 things to pay attention to when men clean their private parts

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Washing is healthier, you know? There are also 3 things to pay attention to when men clean their private parts

In the past, "washing is healthier", the ad slogan can be said to have entered thousands of households. I don't know whether to wash or not, but it is enough for brainwashing. Although this slogan is intended to remind women to pay attention to the care and hygiene of private parts, in fact, for men, cleaning of private parts is equally important. When it comes to this, many men don't take it seriously. Why is it so troublesome to clean the private parts? But you must know that the private parts are the easiest to hide dirt and dirt. If the cleaning is not in place, it will not only taste sour, but also be harmful to health.

Is it really necessary to wash male private parts?

To be honest, it is necessary. Because men's private parts are easy to hide some "private money". For example, some men who are born with excessive prepuce will secrete sebum liquid or urine residue when urinating in their private parts, which will provide a living environment for bacteria in the part of the coronary sulcus, allowing bacteria to continuously multiply, die, and produce waste. A chemical reactor will form, giving off some indescribable odor. Although it will be rinsed when taking a bath, clear water cannot effectively kill bacteria, and there will still be a lot of bacteria left.

And these bacteria can cause serious harm to the body.

①Affects male reproductive health: If you do not pay attention to cleaning, men are prone to urethritis, balanitis, scrotal eczema, jock itch, perianal inflammation and other diseases, which will bring considerable harm to their reproductive health. ②Affect the reproductive health of the partner: Because of the special physiological structure of the female reproductive system, if the male does not do a good job of cleaning, it is easy to transmit bacteria, viruses, etc. to the female, which will induce gynecological diseases such as salpingitis and pelvic inflammatory disease. ③Affect the life experience of couples: After the male genitals are infected, there will be discomfort, which will lead to a decrease in desire. Similarly, these things will also happen to women, which will affect the life experience of the couple.

So, how do you clean your private parts?

1. Insist on daily cleaning Men should insist on daily cleaning like women do, and keep the perineum clean. But be careful not to wash with too hot water. When cleaning, the foreskin should be turned over to the glans by hand, and the accumulated dirt and cortex should be removed. 2. Pay attention to the cleaning sequence. The cleaning steps and methods should first wash the genitals, and then the anus. After washing the anus, you must not use the same basin of water to wash the genitals again. In the process of cleaning, you can also occasionally use a special cleaning solution for private parts to avoid other cleaning solutions causing irritation to the private parts. After washing, prepare a towel separately, do not mix it with a towel for wiping your feet, to avoid infecting athlete's foot to the perineum and becoming jock itch. 3. Learn to self-examine In addition to cleaning, men must also learn to self-examine their private parts. Eggy's self-examination skills: Hold the balls lightly with both hands, touch them with your thumbs and move the other fingers, and thoroughly check whether there are lumps or any abnormality in touch or appearance. The last thing to say is that men's care for the reproductive system is not only as simple as cleaning, but also starts from daily life. When choosing underwear, try to avoid bed chemical fiber underwear, and choose underwear with strong sweat absorption and good ventilation. Pay attention to minimize wearing jeans, so as not to rub your private parts too much. References: [1] Lu Bin. Men also pay attention to cleaning their private parts [J]. Life and Companion: Need, 2012(4): 1. Source | Written by Doctor Miaoshou (reprinting is prohibited without authorization) | Source of pineapple pictures | Today headlines


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