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Introduction of Mei Xiufang from Nanchang Erqi Hospital

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Introduction of Mei Xiufang from Nanchang Erqi Hospital

Expert profile He has been engaged in clinical treatment and scientific research for more than 40 years, and has been committed to the diagnosis and treatment of various mental and psychological diseases such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and schizophrenia. He has rich clinical experience. During his medical career, he has long adhered to the research on the treatment of mental and psychological intractable diseases, and has published more than 10 academic papers in authoritative journals. Patient's self-report: Xiao Yang is 28 years old this year, married, and a teacher in a county high school. He returned to work after maternity leave a year ago. At that time, the new principal introduced a high demand for multimedia teaching, and college students competed with her. Many problems made her feel very uncomfortable, and soon she became depressed, fatigued, more and more silent, not interested in anything, and her work also entered a state of stagnation. She often can't fall asleep until 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, wake up around 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning, and can't fall back to sleep after waking up. In the past two months, my condition has worsened, and I often have suicidal thoughts. I am very worried, unwilling to deal with family affairs, do not like to go out, sit all day, and have a lot of memory loss. Friends around her couldn't stand it anymore and recommended her to go to Nanchang Erqi Hospital to find Dr. Mei Xiufang. She is a doctor with experience in this field. With the attitude of giving it a try, Xiao Yang went to Dr. Mei Xiufang. Through the unique multi-channel nerve repair technology of Nanchang Erqi Hospital, after several months of treatment, Xiao Yang's life is now back on track, and his passion for work is rekindled.

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