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Xuzhou Psychology: Can psychotherapy help patients with schizophrenia?

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Xuzhou Psychology: Can psychotherapy help patients with schizophrenia?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: When you realize that your family members are showing signs of schizophrenia, you may be shocked, scared, and worried, and try your best to refuse to accept this reality. But when the condition is very clear, you can feel helpless and overwhelmed. It should be reminded that once you suspect that your family member has a mental illness, you should immediately come to the hospital for consultation. For schizophrenia, treatment is relatively difficult. The current treatment for schizophrenia is mainly through drugs. Drugs can indeed control and improve many overt symptoms of the disease in a short period of time and are effective in preventing relapse. It has also been demonstrated that most patients with schizophrenia can benefit from drug therapy. So, can psychotherapy help people with schizophrenia? Studies have shown that the right psychotherapy can have a significant effect on people with schizophrenia, while the wrong treatment can make the condition worse. 1. Psychoeducation: Teach patients and their families how to distinguish between precipitating symptoms, environment, and drugs*, so that they can understand and control the factors that cause the onset of the disease, and recognize the benefits of treatment methods. 2. Social skills training: train schizophrenia patients in terms of dress, interpersonal communication, social behavior, etc., so that they can live and work independently. 3. Supportive psychotherapy: This is to strengthen existing adaptive and coping skills and minimize maladaptation. By looking at the past and present practices of the attending physician, it is easy to develop strategies for dealing with current problems. In addition, supportive psychotherapy is especially helpful in providing feeling, predictability, and emotional stability in individuals with confusion and fear. 4. Family Therapy: This helps family members understand the patient's condition, necessary medication and the significance of the symptoms. Home therapy can help reduce stress in the family that makes symptoms worse.

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