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Let students improve steadily, the magic learning method is here

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Let students improve steadily, the magic learning method is here

Let the students improve steadily. The magical learning method is here. A girl who has just entered the third year of junior high school. She has the seventh grade in the class and more than 30 in the whole grade. Normally, she can be admitted to ordinary middle schools, but when it came to the middle school entrance examination, she was the second in the district , the first place in the whole grade, and is much higher than the second place. He was admitted to the experimental class of District No. 1 Middle School. What learning methods does this student have, how did his grades improve by leaps and bounds, and what are the secrets? This girl is very mild-tempered. The math teacher is a young female teacher. Not long after she got married, her husband went on a business trip and found this female student for company. In the evening, the teacher judged the homework and the students did their homework. Girl, do you know? The girl said no, the teacher said it, and the students understood. On the second day of school, the teacher went directly into the classroom, and the female students followed behind. At this time, a boy came to ask the teacher, how to do this question, the teacher saw that it was a question that he could not know yesterday, so he pointed behind him and asked. She, point to the girl. This boy is the second best student in the class. The girl explained it to the boy based on yesterday's memory. It caused a sensation in the whole class at that time. Since then, many people in the class have asked her questions, and he has answered them patiently. If they don't know how to study together, they will never ask the teacher again. In this way, when it comes to the middle school entrance examination, this female student's grades have greatly improved. What we have seen, what is the core factor of learning good or bad, this student's intelligence will not easily change, the core of the change is emotion, that is, after explaining it to the boys, the surprise of the whole class, positive emotions and mathematics are connected in the brain , forming a positive conditioned reflex, and when migrating to other disciplines, a virtuous circle is formed, and the grades are continuously improved. Whether it’s getting better or worse, the most important factor is emotion. As long as the child’s positive emotions are connected with learning through practice and certain experiences, and positive reinforcement is continued, the student’s performance will definitely get better and better. . If you want to know more about this, you can contact me and discuss it together.

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