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How Depression Damages the Nervous System

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How Depression Damages the Nervous System

On June 19, 2020, the research team of Professor Jin Teng Yibo of Jikei Medical University in Tokyo, Japan, published the discovery of the viral gene that causes depression. This is the latest research result of the cause of depression in the world. In short, Professor Jin Teng found in his research that the human herpes virus type 6 will multiply in our saliva when we are tired, immunocompromised and stressed, and a gene in this virus will produce a gene called SITH- 1 protein, it induces cell death in hydrangea, stimulates our brain to produce a stress response, which damages our nervous system and leads to depression. In 1986, Saladin and Kaswar of the National Cancer Institute of the United States isolated HHV6 from peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with lymphoproliferative diseases and AIDS for the first time. Similar to herpes virus, it is named as human herpes virus type 6 HHV6 infection spreads all over the world. This virus develops primary infection when we are six months to two years old. At two years old, the detection rate of HHV6 antibodies can reach 90% or more. When sick, young children will develop acute febrile roseola. After that, the virus Entering a latent infection state in the body, 60% of adults over the age of 40 have HHV6 antibodies. When the body's immunity is low, the latent virus will be activated, and how does the virus enter the latent state, that is, the activated mechanism ,still not clear. Published in Neuron on June 21, 2018. In another study, researchers looked at the brains and related data of 622 Alzheimer's patients and compared them with data from healthy people. They found that HHV6 and HHV7 were found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. The level of HHV6 is twice higher than that of the healthy population, then we have good reason to suspect, and it is HHV6 that will also make us lose memory and cognitive function, and HHV6 has entered the public eye again. The biggest highlight of the latest research published by Professor Jin Teng is the discovery of the SITH-1 protein. Professor Jin Teng's research team tested the virus antibodies in depression patients and healthy people respectively. The results showed that 80% of people with depression Everyone has an antibody response to the SITH-1 gene. This result also confirms that the virus is an important cause of depression. Professor Hou Jinteng also said that by studying SITH-1, the research team discovered a new type of depression. The treatment mechanism will help human beings to develop corresponding drugs in the future to truly treat depression. As long as this conclusion is established, we can also start from the perspective of controlling it. The activation of the virus is inseparable from low immunity, fatigue and excessive stress. , then, as long as we can maintain adequate sleep, a healthy attitude and proper exercise, we can also keep the state of depression away from us. I am Director Huang of the Department of Psychiatry. You can ask me any questions you have, and I will give professional answers.

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