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What are the best ways to prevent anxiety

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What are the best ways to prevent anxiety

Anxiety occurs because of our own psychological problems. According to news reports: In last week's derby, Argentina star Messi again vomiting symptoms. Messi's vomiting has made Barcelona very worried, and in recent months, the club has been trying to find out the real cause of Messi's vomiting. Sports psychologist Moreha said: "Messi's nausea and vomiting are typical symptoms of anxiety disorders, and anxiety does not simply come from the pressure on the field." From the above, it can be seen that the etiology of anxiety disorders is very complex, and suffering from There are not a few people with anxiety disorders. This disease will cause harm to patients in all aspects of body and mind. Therefore, we must beware of the emergence of anxiety disorders, and we must prevent this disease. Let’s find out what are the benefits ways to prevent anxiety disorders. 1. Appropriate transfer. Patients are exposed to different things every day, which often makes it difficult for them to make choices, resulting in piles of problems in the minds of anxious people, which are confusing and painful. In this case, self-transfer methods can be adopted, such as participating in sports activities, or participating in labor, in order to transfer the direction of attention and change the object of thinking, so as to reduce the mental burden and promote physical and mental health. Auto-hypnosis, most patients with anxiety disorders have sleep disorders, it is difficult to fall asleep or wake up suddenly from a dream, you can perform auto-suggestion hypnosis at this time. For example: you can count, or read with your hand holding a book, etc. to promote yourself to sleep. 2. Build confidence. A great man once said: When you have confidence, you can make the small become great and the mundane into the magic. Therefore, self-confidence is the human spirit and a prerequisite for neurological anxiety. Generally speaking, people who are extremely anxious tend to exaggerate the possibility of failure and doubt their ability to complete tasks and cope with events. Therefore, as a neurotic anxiety patient, first of all, you must correctly understand and evaluate yourself, believe that you have the ability to overcome difficulties, and do not belittle yourself. 3. Reflect often. If people do not reflect, there will be no progress. In fact, introspection is like a mirror, which reflects all our inner desires. However, many people are accustomed to suppressing their experiences or desires into their unconscious when they are frustrated. Use this to get rid of unpleasant experiences. However, these repressed emotional experiences do not disappear completely, but lie dormant. Over time, anxiety disorder occurs. At this time, the patient will only feel pain and cannot find the source of the disease. In this case, if the patient conducts self-reflection and expresses his grief without reservation, the symptoms of anxiety can disappear. It is inevitable for people to have anxiety sometimes. All we can do is how to control it within a controllable range, because we all know that this disease will bring serious harm to patients, and it will also bring them. Serious psychological disorders, so friends should take the prevention of anxiety disorders, pay more attention to their physical and mental health, and usually pay attention to the prevention of anxiety disorders.

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