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How does a depressed person spend a day?

Time:2023-04-01 12:09:01 author:Relax Read:797次
How does a depressed person spend a day?

Hello everyone! I am Director Huang of the Department of Psychiatry. Now everyone is familiar with depression. Many people say that depression is fake, then I want to ask, Leslie Cheung, Qiao Renliang, Cui Yongyuan, etc., that is not a rich man, that is not a celebrity , It's not that they live without food and clothing, and they can't spend money in a few lifetimes. Their depression is not pretending. How does a depressed person spend a day? Today I will tell you about it. Remember to pay attention and love. If you have any questions, you can ask me at any time. I will reply you one by one in my spare time. 1. Morning is worse than death. Mornings are hellish times for people with depression. Many patients wake up at 4 or 5 o'clock, maybe even earlier. Feeling tired and not wanting to go to school or work due to poor sleep quality. 2. Endure suffering in the morning. The whole morning was a tough time. I had to make ends meet at work. Students recalled in class that it was difficult to concentrate, and listening to lectures was inefficient. 3. Slight relief in the afternoon. Psychological pressure will gradually reduce. It's not "worse than death" anymore. Evening improved. At 4 or 5 in the afternoon, I will begin to feel relaxed, less fatigued, and I will begin to have the desire to actively communicate with my family. 4. In the evening, the state is still good. After dinner, you will feel that this is the coolest time of the day. It seems that the haze has been dispelled, and the conversation with others is also relaxed and comfortable, and the family will feel all right. 5. Anxiety before going to bed, and having to go to bed again after a few hours. At this time, I start to worry about whether I can fall asleep, whether I will wake up early tomorrow, and what my state will be tomorrow. In this way, the depressed person begins to enter another day of ups and downs in emotional behavior. This is the day of a depressed person, if you don't know it firsthand, don't say anything, if you think it's right, if you don't understand depression, then keep your mouth shut, shut your mouth. Because we owe them a "sorry".


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