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Can a tormented anxiety disorder really self-regulate?

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Can a tormented anxiety disorder really self-regulate?

Can a tormented anxiety disorder really self-regulate? When anxiety is not too serious, there are various ways to self-regulate. Cognitive therapy: Correctly deal with the stress in life, change one's own cognition, look at the problem from a different angle, and turn stress into motivation. Reasonably decompose stress and actively seek help. Diet therapy: In the process of treating anxiety disorders, patients must pay attention to their personal eating habits, eat more foods that can help them adjust their physical fitness, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, and stay away from alcohol, strong tea, tobacco, etc. An ideal environment to cure anxiety disorders. Alcohol, strong tea, tobacco, etc. all have a certain impact on the brain. If it is inhaled for a long time, it will easily affect the brain, which will greatly increase the difficulty of treating anxiety disorders. Exercise therapy: After suffering from anxiety disorders, patients must insist on exercising, so as to help patients improve their physical fitness and stay away from the impact of anxiety disorders on the human body. However, the use of exercise therapy requires long-term adherence to achieve the desired results. So be careful when using it. Stress release method: Most of the patients suffering from anxiety disorders are caused by excessive stress, so learning to properly release stress is the key to treatment. Self catharsis can be accomplished by journaling, talking to friends, and exercising. Pay attention to rest: After suffering from anxiety, you must ensure that you can have enough sleep time, you can take some drugs to help sleep, and under the guidance of a doctor, you can use tranquilizers to help sleep generally without dependence, so that you can sleep well Healing anxiety in less time. Relaxation therapy: You can achieve relaxation by inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly. Meditation therapy: In a quiet space, imagine a sea or a silent forest, fish swim on the seabed, birds fly freely in the sky, the air is fresh and the mood is relaxed. The above are the more common ways to regulate anxiety disorders. If you want to cure anxiety disorders, you should start from the little things in your life and help yourself to carry out scientific treatment.


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