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When does a person with schizophrenia require hospitalization?

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When does a person with schizophrenia require hospitalization?

There is a family member who suffers from schizophrenia. He always talks to himself, his mood is unstable, he often loses his temper and smashes things, and even has a tendency to be violent. Strike first. For this reason, the whole family is always in fear and fear. Does such a situation require hospitalization? Indeed, schizophrenia is a relatively serious mental illness. Just hearing the name of the disease makes me feel scared. Like diseases, they need treatment, not because they are afraid and feel that it is an incurable disease, they are unwilling to go to the hospital for regular treatment. So, when do patients with schizophrenia need hospitalization? The following situations require hospitalization: (1) extreme excitement, impulsive injury; (2) suicide attempt; (3) refusal of treatment, and family members have nothing to do; (4) The diagnosis is unclear, and hospitalization is required to confirm the diagnosis; (5) serious drug side effects; (6) multiple drug treatments are ineffective, and the hospitalization system is required to adjust the drug. Inpatient treatment mainly has the following advantages: (1) It is convenient to observe the condition; (2) For patients who are at risk of attacking others and self-injuring suicide, living in the closed environment of the hospital can effectively ensure the patient's own safety and ensure the patient's safety. The safety of family members and people around them; (3) Ease of treatment. For outpatients, doctors are often more cautious when taking medicines, because doctors cannot see and deal with the various reactions of patients after taking medicines in a timely manner. After the patient is hospitalized, the doctor observes the specific drug reaction of the patient and adjusts it in time according to the situation to speed up the process of treatment. Hospitalization is one of the common treatment methods in the treatment of schizophrenia. Most patients who cannot control the disease will use hospitalization. For the treatment of schizophrenia, as long as you do not give up, establish a good treatment relationship and treatment alliance among patients, family members, and doctors, jointly deal with the disease, and receive regular treatment systematically, there will be improvement and even recovery. Many patients and their families have accumulated a lot of valuable experience and achieved good results in the process of facing and overcoming the disease. After recovery, many patients work, study and live like normal people.

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