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80% of people have insomnia because of it, see if you are

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80% of people have insomnia because of it, see if you are

Insomnia seems to be a physical symptom on the surface, but it is actually a mood disorder, which is a change in mood caused by the loss of emotional control. Long-term insomnia can cause dizziness, headache, and their mood is continuously in a low state. Nervousness, fear, depression, anxiety, etc., emotions not only occupy their sense organs during the day, but they are still unable to stop even at night. Normal people want to fall asleep, as long as they lie in bed and keep quiet and their minds are calm, the brain and body will gradually relax and enter a state of sleep. Once you fall asleep, you will slowly transition from light sleep to deep sleep, which is commonly known as the more you sleep, the more you sleep, the more fragrant you sleep. However, people with insomnia can't do it. Although they are lying on the bed, The spirit can never relax. The brain is running at a high speed, and many things cannot be thought of or understood. They are always in torment in their hearts, worrying about what will happen in the future all the time, distressed, as if a catastrophe is imminent, apprehensive, apprehensive, disturbed by various factors such as anxiety, depression, tension, fear, etc. Unable to fall asleep, or even if you try to fall asleep, you can't sleep well. Obviously feel very tired, but just can't sleep or sleep well. This kind of situation cannot be completely solved by taking sleeping pills. Sleeping pills will only make you more and more dependent on it, making you fall into pain and unable to extricate yourself. Long-term use of sleeping pills can lead to dependence. What should we do in this situation? As the saying goes: "Heart disease also needs heart medicine." "Heart medicine" is to open your heart knot. Only by opening the knot in your heart, you can subjectively control your wild thoughts, and combine with the conditioning of drugs, you will have a multiplier effect! I am Dr. Liu from the Department of Psychiatry and a National Registered Psychotherapist. I hope I can help you.

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