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Depression is scary? Don't panic, do these 6 points to overcome it

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Depression is scary? Don't panic, do these 6 points to overcome it

Depression is a common mental disorder at present. Each episode lasts for more than two weeks and has a tendency to recur. There are many reasons for depression, which are related to the environment, psychology, physiology, etc. When it comes to depression Many people think that sadness, unhappiness, and sullenness are the main symptoms, and they will also use these symptoms as a basis when judging whether others are suffering from depression, but in fact, the following symptoms are the precursors of depression. What are the symptoms of depression? 1. Unhappy Depression patients will often feel unhappy, unhappy in doing anything, feel low, and even shut themselves in their own world because they are unhappy, and they will often blame themselves and feel that they have not Use, in severe cases, there will be suicidal tendencies. 2. Decreased volitional activity After suffering from depression, patients will behave passively, often avoid various social interactions, do not want to contact others, and do anything very slowly. 3. Sleep disorders Depressed patients will have difficulty falling asleep, lack of sleep and other sleep disorders, and will also be accompanied by other physical discomforts, such as weight loss, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. What should I do if I have depression? 1. Take time to bask in the sun Take time to allow yourself to be exposed to sunlight, so that the depressed mind and body can be injected with more sunlight. Sunlight has a healing effect and can improve mood. 2. Read more and study more books that can heal the soul, improve your ideological realm and consciousness, change the angle of looking at problems, and observe the beauty of life. 3. Persistence in exercise Exercising and sweating can help recovery. During exercise, the body will secrete neurological substances such as dopamine and endorphins. These substances can make people happy, relieve anxiety and improve bad mood. 4. Communicate frequently with others. You can communicate more with your family and friends, tell your discomfort and thoughts in full, and get the support and understanding of your family and friends to make yourself more confident. 5. Do what you like, choose what you like and devote yourself to it, you can find confidence in it, and you can also improve your sense of self-worth, transfer your negative emotions, and prevent yourself from being affected by various bad emotions. even lower. 6. If you have problems with poor sleep quality and poor spirit while taking medicine, you can take medicine under the guidance of a doctor, such as anti-anxiety and sedative medicine, to improve sleep and relieve anxiety. In general, depression is not a terrible thing, but a manifestation of psychological injury. As long as it is actively discovered and actively treated, it can restore health. If the psychological barrier is relatively large, you can seek help from a psychiatrist. With the help of a psychiatrist, you can gradually overcome the psychological shadow, improve your mentality, and successfully overcome depression.


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