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Anxiety Disorders Daily Maintenance: A Day-to-Day Break

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Anxiety Disorders Daily Maintenance: A Day-to-Day Break

Many times when others ask us to rest, we will instinctively say: How can there be time to rest? Balabala... In fact, you may have a misunderstanding of rest, or you may want to complain about your hard work, no matter what, you must really If you want to take care of yourself, you must learn to take active rest and eliminate cognitive biases about rest. Myth 1: You must sleep for eight hours at a time. To be honest, this conclusion hurts a lot of people. In fact, our ancestors have never slept in this way. Some friends feel that if they don’t get enough sleep at night, they can’t make up for naps during the day. They think that lack of sleep will affect their health and so on, so that some people will worry about insomnia! The book "Sleep Revolution" points out : We can sleep in arbitrary segments, and we also invented the R90 sleep method, which uses fragmented sleep technology to supplement the daily lack of sleep. The success of this technology in the Manchester United team is enough to prove the conclusion of "sleep for eight hours at a time" absurdity. As for you want to know how to sleep, please wait until the author finishes writing the sleep topic, or buy a copy of "Sleep Revolution" and read it. Reference reading: What should I do if I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall asleep? Myth 2: A short rest is ineffective. Many people think that only a good night’s sleep is the real rest, so we would rather watch a few more videos to fill up the fragmentation. time, and do not want to take a 3-minute break. In fact, playing digital products not only can not relax, but some content will make you more anxious. Myth 3: The paralysis brought about by alcohol can make people sleepy, but this paralysis cannot actually make the brain really relax and start self-repair. If you really fall asleep, it can only be said that you were originally you There's a sleep debt, just relaxing with a drink, and you've got a better way. Workdays - Fragmented Intervals Let's first take stock of whether the busiest workdays can be rested. Although we are all busy on the working day as a whole, is it possible to insert a 3-5 minute break when writing code or PPT, between meetings, and on the way to crowded subways and buses? If you have independent working hours (no When people frequently interrupt), then you can spend 3-5 minutes to let your mind empty. The technique that needs to be used here is the three-step breathing space exercise. The method is roughly as follows (it is strongly recommended to refer to Teacher Tong's "Three Steps of Breathing Space: Returning from Busyness", and the resource acquisition method is given when paying attention to the public account): The first minute: observe your thoughts and emotions; the second minute: observe The feeling brought by the ups and downs of your own breathing and abdomen; the third minute: observe the sounds around you and perceive the environment; teach you a method, we can regard the working time as 9:00-21:00 (including the way to and from get off work) , every 1.5 hours as an interval, each interval arranges a three-step breathing space for yourself, if you miss an interval, continue to look for opportunities in the next interval. If you're driving to and from get off work, use the car as a background to feel things like the steering wheel, hip/back contact, surrounding cars, traffic lights, etc. Workdays - Lunch and Lunch Break Don't tell me that you don't eat lunch or have no lunch break. This time is generally 1-2 hours, or some people can fish for a little bit to 2.5 hours. You can use mindful eating when you eat: Frequent belching and no appetite? Try mindful eating! Try to control the eating time to 15 minutes. If it is less than 10 minutes, it is indeed too fast. After eating, you can choose to walk with mindfulness: walking with mindfulness. You can also choose to take a 30-minute nap. Taking a nap is very important. The R90 sleep technology has been mentioned many times. Here the author briefly introduces how to operate it. Set an alarm for 30-40 minutes, then find a bench, go to a private car if possible, and sleep on the company sofa, which can make you perform better in the afternoon. If the noon time is too short, then take 10 minutes to do a body scan (Teacher Tong's body scan, the resources have been given after paying attention to the public account). Workday-afternoon charging Generally, physical symptoms will gradually become apparent in the afternoon. At this time, if you feel very tired and sleepy, find a suitable place to lie down for a body scan. In fact, the place is more critical, it depends on whether you are willing to create an environment for yourself. The author just bought a company’s underground parking space. When I need to charge, I go downstairs to scan the face in the car. The whole process of going up and downstairs + meditation is 15 minutes. It’s time to go out for a smoke and fish. I come back full of energy and continue to work. Working days - on the road If you take the subway, bus, or taxi, you can use the three-step breathing space, and there is not much to expand here. If you drive, you can try driving meditation, which is to open the music app and search for the light music of "sleep before bed". Then feel the touch of your hands on the steering wheel, your hips, your back and the seat, and detect traffic lights and surrounding vehicles. Workdays - go home from work Put down your mobile phone, stay away from work if you can, and would rather read a book than short videos and news posts. If you have the conditions to brush the tableware, you can brush the tableware for meditation, which is to feel the feeling of contact between the hand and the tableware and watch the plates become clean one by one. Don't think about work and other things while interacting with your child, be sure to give your full attention. Having a meal with family members and chatting with loved ones can be considered as effective rest. If you are not single, at home is different from at work. The family is more about the interaction within the relationship, you need to insert time into the relationship, and you must not think about work or other things during this interaction process, otherwise you will not be able to get a rest. Finally, some psychological construction needs to be carried out: unless there is an urgent and important thing, going home too much and not being able to work is actually just a useless anxiety, because no matter how much you care, the efficiency is not as efficient as in the company the next day, so temporarily forget the email And office IM it.


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