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What can we do when someone around us is suffering from depression

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What can we do when someone around us is suffering from depression

Depressed patients often feel a surge of loneliness and depression, and because of the incomprehension of those around them, they often feel criticized and misunderstood. If you can understand the patient at this time, it will bring great benefits to the patient. s help. But many people usually don't understand that my friend has depression, what can I do? 1. If you think that the patient can't relieve his mood on his own, you should tell him tactfully: "I think you should seek professional help." If someone told me that, I would totally understand him. But if someone tells the patient directly: "Let's face it", it will make them feel that they are incompetent and feel that they are a person who has experienced a blow, which is very harmful to the patient, and these negative emotions will snowball. Roll bigger. 2. If your friend is already in a state of depression, all you can do is to let him accept your existence, because the patient does not need others to help him deal with depression, and no one can help him with this emotion. It can only be handled by the patient himself, requiring the patient to have strong willpower, and the patient only needs medication or psychotherapy. But as friends, we can accompany the patient in silence, let the patient subtly accept your existence, and give him deep encouragement. 3. Support the patient's practice more, give him more encouragement, and stop your behavior immediately if the patient becomes irritable. Be more obedient to the patient's words and deeds, and encourage or guide the patient to take the initiative to speak out their thoughts. 4. If you visit a patient, you can accompany him to exercise. If the patient does not want to get up, you can chat with him, watch TV or listen to music at his bedside, if it is quiet and do nothing, if the patient acts as if he wants to talk about things with you, Please listen quietly. 5. Please don't give the patient too much compulsive encouragement, such as "tomorrow will be better", etc. These words may sound very comforting, but the patient's heart may have been in a low mood, and should not be Don't pretend to be okay. I believe you have understood it now. Many patients with depression are reluctant to go out to socialize and meet people when they are serious. We can take the patient out of the house and take the patient to enjoy the surrounding scenery to relax, and sometimes get along with normal people. Can make patients feel happy. If you feel that you are not the person to help the patient, you should find the right person to help the patient together, and hope that the depressed patient can recover as soon as possible.

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