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how to relieve insomnia

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how to relieve insomnia

Medicine is not as good as food supplement, food supplement is not as good as sleep supplement. I'm sure everyone has heard this. As the saying goes, a good night's sleep makes you more energetic; a hard night's sleep makes you tired. Therefore, the quality of sleep is closely related to human health. And insomnia often happens to each of us. We must take seriously the insomnia disease, so as not to threaten our health. Insomnia can be said to be a common disease. If it is not treated in time, it will lead to a decline in the body's immunity and other functional diseases. Timely treatment can quickly cure the disease and allow patients to have a quality sleep. So what method can be used to relieve insomnia? 1. For the bed itself, it is necessary to consider whether its length and width are sufficient, whether the bed is flat, and whether it has good support and comfort. As for the height of the bed, it is generally appropriate to be slightly higher than the knee of the sleeper. Too high is always inconvenient to bend over. Remember that the bed should not be attached to the ground, the bottom of the bed should be empty, and no debris should be piled up, otherwise it will not be ventilated and it will be easy to get wet. Causes back pain. 2. People who often suffer from insomnia can try to use the method of soaking their feet for treatment. The way to treat insomnia with traditional Chinese medicine foot soaking is to regulate the human brain and central nervous system through the foot reflex zone, thereby eliminating insomnia. And after using this method, most insomniacs can sleep well that night. 3. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this disease is characterized by deficiency of both heart and spleen, deficiency of yin and fire, deficiency of heart and gallbladder, and disharmony of liver and stomach. Treatment should pay attention to psychotherapy, eliminate mental tension and excessive excitement before going to bed, maintain a calm state of mind, and a comfortable mood to ensure a good curative effect. 4. You can exercise more and be active during the day. It is easier to fall asleep at night if you exercise a lot during the day, but don’t do strenuous exercise two hours before going to bed. Strenuous exercise can easily cause emotional excitement and make it difficult to fall asleep. Moreover, insomnia patients should not take naps. For normal people, they sleep a lot during the day and still can't sleep at night, let alone insomnia patients. 5. The main reason for insomnia patients is because of mental problems, so don’t think about problems before going to bed. The more you think about things, the more you can’t sleep. You must create a comfortable sleeping environment for yourself. Some essential oils such as lavender are very helpful. sleep. Also, keep things that make regular sounds, such as alarm clocks and watches, away from you, because the sounds these things make are very sleep-inducing. Although insomnia is one of the mental diseases, in the early stage, insomnia can be controlled, and the condition can be cured after effective treatment. Therefore, when insomnia occurs in us, we only need to treat it in time. , will not let insomnia appear in our body, and we can also have a good sleep quality.

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