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Start coughing in winter? Chronic cough? Then you have to wonder if you have the disease

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Start coughing in winter? Chronic cough? Then you have to wonder if you have the disease

#Healthy大年# If your cough persists for a long time, you have a dry cough without phlegm in winter, and it will get better after winter. After taking various antibiotics, cough medicines still don’t work, then you have to consider that it is very likely that Cough variant asthma. So what medicines should I use for cough variant asthma? There are short-acting beta 2 receptor agonists salbutamol and terbutaline; long-acting beta 2 receptor agonists salmeterol and formoterol have rapid onset of action. The common adverse reaction is arrhythmia, and long-term use will lead to drug resistance. Theophylline drugs aminophylline, doxofylline. The adverse reactions are nausea, vomiting, arrhythmia, etc., and the blood concentration should be monitored. Anticholinergic drugs ipratropium bromide, tiotropium bromide. When inhaling, avoid the drug entering the eyes; use with caution in patients with glaucoma and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Anti-inflammatory drugs glucocorticoid budesonide, fluticasone propionate, etc. Inhaled glucocorticoids can cause Candida infection, and long-term oral or intravenous glucocorticoids may cause osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc. The leukotriene receptor inhibitor montelukast sodium. Adverse reactions may be abnormal mental behavior. Antihistamines ketotifen, loratadine, astemizole, etc. This kind of drug will produce the adverse reaction of drowsiness, so friends who drive are forbidden to take it. The first-line drugs commonly used in clinical practice are terbutaline nebulized solution, as well as β₂ receptor agonists and glucocorticoids combined with salmeterol and ficassone powder inhalation, budesonide formoterol powder inhalation, and Montelu Sodium Sodium Chewable Tablets, etc. In daily living habits, you should also pay attention to eating less spicy and stimulating food, less going to dusty places, wearing a mask when going out, and avoiding cold air stimulation.

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