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Tell me about my experience with prostatitis and its treatment

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Tell me about my experience with prostatitis and its treatment

#Exceptionalcase# People who eat whole grains will inevitably have headaches and fever, especially with the increase of age, the human body gradually becomes senile, among which prostatitis is a veritable disease of age and blood vessels, and it must be an elderly adult male. Unscientific behavior. In the face of prostatitis, we must have a good attitude. I myself unfortunately got prostatitis. The first symptom was when I woke up in the morning to urinate, I felt a little thick white mucus was discharged first, but I didn’t take it to heart. After about half a year, I felt a little bloated after ejaculation. After another six months, I felt a little pain after urinating once, and I looked down and found there was blood. Only then did I feel the seriousness of the situation. The next day, I took leave to go to the hospital to check my urine. I had some inflammation. I had a B-ultrasound, and it seemed that there was a slight cyst in the prostate. The doctor diagnosed it as urethritis. Tablets, and some pellets, explained that I couldn't sit, and then went home. However, when I finished taking the medicine, I still didn't feel good. Because I was afraid of spending money, I went to the pharmacy to get some medicines. There were Sanjin Tablets and Levofloxacin Capsules. When I took the medicine, I didn't feel any pain. So I kept eating like this for half a year, and it didn't get any better, so I went to the First Affiliated Hospital of Zheng University. The doctor suspected that it was prostatitis. When taking the prostatic fluid, the doctor said that prostate massage would help to expel the inflammatory fluid. I also felt a lot more relaxed after the massage, and then there was another pile of medicines, and then I took it for two weeks. But still not good. Every time I go to the hospital, it costs 400 to 500 yuan, which is a huge pressure for a person who has no money like me. I bought Qianlietong tablets, levofloxacin capsules, Qinglin granules, etc. in the pharmacy by myself. I added Tamsulosin Hydrochloride Sustained Release Capsules, and after taking it for another half a year, I finally got better, and the stomach's ability to bear has reached the limit, because I found that my stomach started to hurt, and it really was a wave of unrest. rise! In conclusion, it is not scary to have prostatitis. You must have a good attitude. Some good behaviors are more effective than taking medicine. For example, you must reboot, it is best not to have sex, do not sit, and take tamsulosin hydrochloride to slow down. Release capsules, don't eat them indiscriminately, take medicine for a long time, otherwise it will be more than worth the loss if you get a stomach ulcer like me because of taking medicine! Well, friends who find this article useful, welcome to like it!

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